The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 4 – Seattle Day 1

In Chapter 4 of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough you will explore the massive Seattle city, find way to unlock Main Gate and East Gate 2 and locate Gas.

With the tragic ending in the previous walkthrough, Ellie wakes up back at the camp. Ellie decides to leave the camp for revenge. Tommy goes alone and insists Maria lock Ellie down, but the concerned wife did not obey. Here as Ellie and Dina first you will have to find access codes to gates. This can be tiring, but do not worry this guide will help you to unlock the Main Gate, and find gas to unlock East Gate 2. Also, you will find hidden safes, shotguns, machete, etc with the help of this walkthrough.

Seattle Map, How to Open Main Gate & Gas for Gate East 2

Follow Dina to Joel’s house and go upstairs. There are some objects you have to check until Maria arrives. There are two rooms on the top floor, one on the right has a guitar on the desk. Interact to add a journal entry. Go to the second room and interact with Joel’s jacket in the wardrobe. There is a photo on the table near the window and a red box on the bed. It has Joel’s watch, his pistol, and clothes. That’s it Dina will call you to go downstairs to meet Maria. Maria informs that Tommy has left of Seattle alone, she asks for help.

Seattle Day 1


The first thing to do is to find the Seattle Map. You will soon reach a devastating road with lots of cars and trucks. Turn left after reaching the road and continue till you see a portable cabin. The map is inside, in the cabinet at the left corner. The map has two faces, the front shows the entire city and back Downtown Seattle.

You can collect two more things from the second room of this cabin, a card, and alcohol. Get back to your horse, and take the first left. Cross the water stream and you will reach the gate of the city. The objective is to restore power to open the gate, or else Dina and the horse cannot pass.

How to open the Main gate?

You can add a journal entry by standing right in front of the gate. Now to unlock the gate Ellie will have to climb up the walls. Turn around from the main gate and walk straight, then look on the right corner. You will see a truck at the extreme end, use this climb up on the cabins. This will let you jump on the roof, use sprint jump to cover bigger gaps.

TLOU2 Seattle Gate

On the left of the gate, there is a broken ladder, you have to reach that spot. You can refer to the image above, climb up the truck, walk to the right end, and jump. Then again walk to the right end near the gate and Dina will help you to grab the ladder.

TLOU2 Seattle Gate

After reaching on the top carefully cross the broken floor and jump to the other side, on a small metal platform. In the end, jump back to the opposite and crouch below. Climb up and then sprint jump to reach the broken part of the wall. Climb through the broken gap and jump on the opposite side. Get down from the door at the left end the objective is to restore the power of the main gate.

Main Gate:

TLOU2 Seattle Gate 1

Break the glass of the cabin after coming down, go to the other side and look for the generator in the left corner. Turn it on the generator and then unlock the door. Grab the yellow wire and connect it to the unit right outside the metal gate. Then press the red button open the first gate. Follow Dina’s voice and then here is a solution open the next gate in The Last of Part 2.

TLOU2 Gate Passcode

In the same cabin on the left of the PC, there is a drawer that has a paper with codes on it. This code will be required to unlock the main gate.

Main Gate Pass Code:

Pull out the yellow wire that you attached to open Gate 1. Walk backward and throw it above the fence right opposite of the generator. Grab the wire and connect it to the panel on the back of the cabin. You have not restored the power into the cabin, its time to type down the code to unlock the gate. Go inside, the control panel is right in the front. Type the main Gate Passcode and it will open allowing Dina and the horse to enter.

  • Last of Us 2 Gate Pass code – 0512

How to open the East Gate 2?

Continue with the horse towards the road and you will spot Serevena Base. You will be in front of Gate East 2. To unlock this gate you will need gas, follow the yellow cable to find the generator. There is another path on the left, as you cannot cross the gate take that route. You will massive skyscrapers, press the touchpad to mark your location on the map. You will have to find the Court which is quite far away. Now there are two things you can find on the way. You can check the links below to know more or continue with the main walkthrough.

How to find Gas to for East Gate 2 Generator?

To find gas you will have to scan two major locations. Two court building which has a gasoline supplies. In the first building you will find the canister and second the gas.

Go to the Dome Shape Building:

You will have to ride towards a dome shape building, which has the gasoline. At the front, you can see the Fuel Distribution sign. Enter and walk left, you will find a locked fence door. Interact to cross it, this new place has tall grasses and a lot of runners. If you hide in the grass they cannot spot you. Kill the first one in stealth and as you jump the second wall you will see more.

Last of Us 2 Gas Location

There are two choices, crawl and quietly reach the climbing spot or kill them in stealth. The path to climb up is in the extreme left end corner, ignore the Runners, and climb up. Dina will follow you, inside the court. Walk towards the court entrance and turn left, there is a door that will take you to the maintenance room. Push the trolley toward the end and climb up to jump to the other side. Unfortunately, there will be no gas.

Last of Us 2 Gas Location

Now to find the gas there is a lot of exploration required. You will have to check various spots but do not worry I will give you an exact location to find gas in Last of Us 2. Check the map above, that is another courthouse, on the lowest level in the parking area you will find gas.

Right to the location and you can enter form a window, look for a parked truck near the entrance. Climb up and enter through the window, again there will be infected inside, stay in cover behind the benches. Do not hurry, clear them all in stealth, and walk to the end to unlock another door. This one leads to the basement, but before lets grab some supplies and machete.

On the left you will find a lift area which goes to the parking, this is where you have to go. Before taking this route break the window on the left wall. The safe is below the table near the window you just broke. Here is the pass coded – 86-07-22. It is written on the whiteboard. Machete is on the body at the end of the room.

Basement 1 – Grab the items and return to the lift area. Climb down and be ready to fight, the machete will be a useful melee weapon here. Kill all the infected and collect the gasoline near the gate, which is at the right end corner of this basement. Pull the chain on the left of the basement shutter and you are out.

Unlock Date East 2

Return back to the Gate East 2 and refill the gasoline in the generator. The passcode to unlock East Gate 2 is 5345. You can now go to the base Serevena Base and to explore further. We will continue our walkthrough in the next part with more details, gate unlocks and collectibles. For more updates on the game, tips, unlock, collectibles do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.