Last of Us Part II Shotgun Location Guide

Tips on how to find shotgun in Last of Us 2, the weapon is in Seattle and on your way to the court.

Compared to the regular rifle, the Shotgun is way better in Last of Us 2. And this weapon is easy to miss is inside a bank hidden in the locker. In this article, I will help you to get the exact location to find the gun in the game. You can use this guide after unlocking the Main Gate, East Gate 2 is locked that requires gas to run the generator. For this, you have to take a left path which also unlocks Last of Us 2 Map.

How to find Shotgun in Last of Us Part 2?

Last of Us 2 Shotgun Location

On your way to the court for the first time when you see the city and the mapped ride left towards a fallen city hall building. It is a big building, you can spot it easily, you can enter through a small hole on the front side. Go inside and you will find the entrance to the bank. There are a lot of Runners inside, use your Listening ability to track them down one by one.

Go to the Deposit Lockers on the left end of the bank, and the locker is on the left. The code to open the bank locker is 60 – 23 – 6. Grab the shotgun from the dead soldier. You will unlock a new Pump Shotgun that can you can replace with your standard rifle. There is a ring in one of the lockers on the right. Return to your horse to continue to the Court to grab gas for unlocking East Gate 2. You can also find a Training Manual for unlocking Crafting Skill Tree on the same path. Check the link for more details.

Ammos for shotgun can be found inside tanks. For more updates on the game, tips, unlock, collectibles do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.