How to Unlock Crafting Skill Tree in The Last of Us Part 2

You will need Melee Weapon in Last of Us Part 2 and to craft them you will need training manual from the Seattle city. Here is a detailed guide on how to find everything.

In Last of Us Part 2 while on your way to the Seattle you will unlock Crafting under the Skill tree. This will let you to craft upgrades for melee weapons like Axe. Also doing this will restore its full durability and increase its damage. So unlocking this part of the skill tree is highly important. You have to still collect items like bindings and blades. Follow this guide and you will get step by step tutorial on Training Manual location to unlock Craft Melee Upgrades.

How to unlock Crafting under Skill Tree in Last of Us Part 2

TLOU2 Crafting Training Manual

While on your to the courthouse you will have to look for a Fire Brigade truck parked over a flyover. To jump on the road use the truck on its right side, unlock the compartment on the right of the truck and grab the ax. Look for rope near the truck, use that to go down. Swing towards the container. Hold R1 and then us the Left Joystick to Swing back and front. Press X to jump.

TLOU2 Crafting Training Manual

Grab the Training Manual and you will unlock the Crafting part of Skill Tree in Last of Us 2. You can unlock the first skill that will allow you to upgrade your Melee Weapon. This is an important thing to do in Last of Us 2 as you proceed you are going to face stronger and tougher enemies.

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