How to Unlock New Skills in The Last of Us Part 2

With total 10 skills in The Last of Us Part 2, 2 are unlocked at the start. Remaining 8 are locks and to use them you will need supplements. Here is everything about TLOU2 Skills.

You can use skills to boost your strength in The Last of Us Part 2. A short term super power allowing you listen more, move fast, etc. Last of Us 2  skill tree is very easy to understand. There are total 10 skills in the game and two are unlocked at the start. As you progress you will unlock more. Here is a guide on skills that will help you to understand how it works. What is required to unlock skills in TLOU2 and how to use them.

The Last of Us Part 2 Skills Tree Guide:

With total 10 kills two are unlocked by default. Using skills requires supplements. They are special items in the game. Similar to metal parts or health kits, you can also find supplements lying around in houses. Now among the 10 kills two are unlocked and can be used at the cost of supplements.

Survival Skill Tree

1. Listen Mode Movement Speed 1: Move faster in listen mode. Hold R1 to sense nearby enemies through walls.

  • +50% Movement Speed
  • Cost – 30

You can unlock this skill in Supermarket while on your way to patrol. There is a locked safe, so you will need a Safe Code to unlock it. Want to know more check our Last of Us 2 Part 2 Walkthrough.

2. Faster Health Kits: Increase the speed of using Health kit.

  • +100% Health Kit Speed
  • Cost – 30

3. Increased Health: Increase Maximum Health.

  • +25% Health
  • Cost – 60

4. Listen Mode Movement Speed 2: Move faster in listen mode. Hold R1 to sense nearby enemies through walls.

  • +100% Movement Speed
  • Cost – 40

5. Endure: Otherwise Lethal damage will instead leave you at low health, giving you an opportunity to escape.

  • Cost – 60

Crafting Skill Tree

The next skill tree will be unlocked when Ellie and Dina goes to Seattle. To unlock East Gate 2 Ellie has to find Gas and in between locating things you will unlock the city map. You can read our TLOU 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough to know more about the Training Manual location that unlocks the Crating Skill Tree.

1. Craft Melee Upgrades: Craft and upgrade for your melee weapon, restoring it to full durability and greatly increasing its damage.

  • Recipe – Binding and Blade.
  • Cost – 20

2. Faster Crafting:  Craft all items twice as quickly.

  • +100% Crafting Speed
  • Cost – 40

3. Skill Locked:  This skill is locked until you acquire a prerequisite weapon.

  • Cost – 30

4. Craft Improved Health Kits:  Craft more effective health kits.

  • +50% healing
  • Cost – 40

Press the Touchpad to open the Skills Menu. You can press L1 and R1 to navigate to different sections. at first, you will see four options under the Survival category. Each with a different cost. To unlock more you will have to find Training Manuals. If you are able to find all eight training manuals you can unlock all 10 skills in The Last of Us Part 2.  For more updates on the game, tips, unlock, collectibles do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.