Where To Find All Training Manuals In The Last of Us 2

Here is the list of all Training Manual Locations in The last of us 2. There are a total of 8 players upgrades training manuals you can locate and unlock.

Training Manuals in The Last of Us 2 unlocks new Players Upgrades and is termed as collectibles in the game. Finding them in the game will allow you to get more skills making your experience more profound and complete. If you want to know the location of all the Training Manuals in The Last of Us 2, you’ve come to the right place.

List of all Training Manual Locations in TLOU 2

There are a total of 8 players upgrades that you can equip in The Last of Us 2, each upgrade giving you more abilities helping you proceed in the game even further. The Last of Us 2 has a deep story narrative and as you progress you will need these skills.

The best thing about these skills is the two of these skills get unlocked as you play the story but for others, you will have to find the training manual and learn them.

Make sure that you get your hands on all 8 training manual as we have pointed out exactly where you should be looking for them.

In case if you happen to miss either one of these already, do not worry as you can get it when you find the next manual. It is not really possible to skip as theses skills come in handy and are baked into the gameplay experience.

Crafting Training Manual

To find the Crafting Training Manual, you will have to reach Chapter 9: Downtown, when here go to the northside where you can find the broken highway bridge located between 6th Ave & 7th Ave.

Find a firetruck on the bridge and find a way to get to it, you can easily reach the firetruck by going over the military truck parked beside the bridge. Once you get to its roof, you will be able to jump to the firetruck.

Press Triangle to pick up the firehose and cast it down by pressing L2+R2. Use the hose to climb down and swing yourself over towards the overturned truck. Inside this truck, you will find the Crafting Training Manual.

Once you have the manual you will need Supplements but to upgrade your skill tree, all you have to do is press down on your TouchPad, and open your backpack. Press R1 and you will taken to the Skill Trees.

Stealth Training Manual

To find the Stealth training manual, you will need to reach Chapter 11: Capitol Hill. Once you are in this chapter, wait until you jump down the Motel or have to push the dumpster to the jump fence, walk over to the left side of the area to find a book store, which is across from a gas station.

Get inside this book store and find the cash register, you will find the Stealth Training Manual here.

Precision Training Manual

To find the precision training manual, you will need to get to Chapter 16: Hillcrest, here when you find yourself pushing a dumpster on a road to jump inside a building to find a Workbench.

As soon as you leave this building, and you will find an area with shops to either side of you. Go to the shop named “Goldstar Liquor” which should be to your right.

Go down towards the cellar and here you will have to fight 2 Shamblers. Exit the cellar and go towards the light where you will find a nursery and on the floor, the precision training manual can be found.

Explosives Training Manual

You can get this training manual in chapter 18: The Seraphites, all you have to do is wait until you pass under the overpass on the main road in the game. From there on, take a left and you will reach a long apartment building.

You will find that there is a parked truck out in front of the closed main entrance, climb onto its roof and you will be able to jump onto the apartment buildings roof.

Find a window to enter the building and as soon as you get inside, go to the first room that you see on your left.

Interact with the Workbench and you will have an NPC attack you, take down the NPC and the rest of this gang followed by entering the room where the gang came from, inside you will find the explosives training manual.

Covert Ops Training Manual

You will need to reach towards the end of the game, particularly Chapter 25: On Foot to find this Manual.

You will come across a hanging boat where you will need to use a ladder to reach it. Search the inside of the boat and you will find the Covert Ops training manual.

Close Quarters Training Manual

This too you will find as you get towards the end of the game in Chapter 28: Hostile Territory. When chapter 28 begins you will be paired up with Manny and you climb up a fence. Here you will find a shop named “Spicy Dumpling”.

Go beyond this shop and head towards the downstairs where you will find another shop named“Tang Fabrics & Imports”. Get inside this shop through the broken window and you will find the Close Quarters training manual here.

Firearms Training Manual

In Chapter 30, you will be facing off against a woman who will bring a pickaxe to the fight, finish her off, and after that enter the shop named La Rosa’s Auto Shop”.

Once inside, head towards the hallway on the right and then immediately look for a room on the right which is more like a side office. Here you will find the Firearms training manual.

Ordnance Training Manual

This manual is found in Chapter 31: The Coast, you will find a ship and on the deck of it look for the steering wheel. Here you will find a safe, enter 90-77-01 to open it and find the last ordnance training manual.

FYI, if you have missed any of the training manuals mentioned here and are looking forward to getting them, you can do so in Chapter 38: The Island.

As soon as you climb the first ladder in this chapter, you will find a truck on your left. Go towards the back of the truck and you will find the missing manual here along with a coin collectible.

These are all the locations where you can find all the training manuals that will unlock new skills in The Last of Us 2. Also check the complete list of All Safe Codes & Combinations in TLOU 2. For more tips and tricks check our Last of Us 2 Wiki guide.