The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 3 – The Real Twist

In chapter 3 of The Last of Us Part 2 as Ellie you will unlock the workbench for weapon upgrades and as Abby you will be running away from Zombies.

In the previous Last of Us Part 2 Walkthrough we saw Ellie and Dina on their patrolling journey finally made their way to the second lookout. In this part of the game you will unlock the Workbench, to upgrade weapons. Also things will be slow here until Abby finds Joel. There is an intense zombie chase scene where you have to keep running. And if you are dying then read the direction under how to escape runners in this Last of Us 2 Part 3 walkthrough.

Hidden Weed Room & When Abby finds Joel?

Finally after struggling in the snowy wind Dina and Ellie are in the safe zone. This new hideout has a workbench to use it you will have to start the generator first. This new hideout is a kind of library, go to the left end from your last location towards the Copy Center. Grab the bottle from the floor and throw it to break the glass. Unlock the door for Dina and grab some metal parts from the desk next to the xerox machine. There are more on the left side.

TLOU2 Generator

On the right side of the second door is a locket with firefly on it. Grab it and continue to the next door, there is a desk on the left of exit door with photo of Tommy and Eugene. The generator is in the lobby at the left side, and right opposite is the workbench. Walk near the generator and press Triangle to turn it on. Now you can use the Workbench to upgrade your weapons. Use the metal parts to enhance weapons stability, ammo capacity, etc. You can scan through the upgrade menu to see what is available.

Path to the Underground Room

TLOU2 Hidden Room

After using the workbench Dina will point to a underground room. There is light coming out, and to find a way go outside and look on the right end of lobby for a huge bookshelf. You can also follow the yellow wire on the ground that leads to the same thing. The hidden room is an used for weed plantation. You will have to interact with few things to trigger a cutscenes.

  1. As you enter look on the left for video tapes.
  2. Continue walking and interact with the dead weed plant on the left.
  3. From the end turn right and walk towards a shelf, grab the weird gas mask bong.
  4. Grab the jar on the right side of the Sofa near the plants.

Completing this all will start a long cutscene where you will see both having a break time. The game switches to Abby. She is following the footprints on the snow, and this is where the game turns intense.

How to escape the Runners?

Back as Abby, you will have to run to save yourself from the infected. Avoid attacking any or shooting them it is worthless. There will be too many of them. Follow the directions below to escape from the infected in Last of Us Part 2 to trigger the next cutscene which will completely turn the game upside down. No matter how quietly you move you will be chased by the runners, follow the directions to complete this level of TLOU2.

1. Jump from the Container Truck:

TLOU2 Escape Zombies

After spotting the running run straight and turn right. Jump from the container, run straight, and slide down the mountain. Turn left towards an old broken house.

2. Run between the houses:

TLOU2 Escape from Zombies

Cross two houses and jump down. Avoid running in the water it will slow you down. Climb up after crossing a small puddle, and turn left. Jump down into the water.

3. Fences: Turn right after jumping down and jump once again in the water. Run a little and turn lift to climb up, turn right and you will see fences. Climb the truck blocking the fence and run in the end.

4. Metal Gate:

TLOU2 Escape from Zombies

There is a truck you can use to jump over the huge metal gate. Jump to the other side and squeeze through the fences and tires on the left end. Grab some supplies from the shelves on the left side of this area. Take the stairs and continue walking through the narrow path of the back alley. Keep moving and fight the infected by pressing the Square button.

Joel and Tommy

This will trigger a cutscene where Abby founds Tommy and Joel. Follow Tommy, and then continue following Joel.

TLOU2 Melee Weapon

Check rooms for supplies, and then walk to the next room. Behind the closet near the washbasin pull out the pipe, Abby’s first melee weapon. Infected will break in use the melee weapon to hit them and then access the door on the left. Continue fighting until Tommy calls you to help to push the cart.

Follow Tommy to jump outside the cable car station, and follow him and Joel. Do not stop or fight, just keep running Runners will chase you. In the next few cutscenes, you will see Abby, Joel and Tommy escape on horses while Ellie came to realize that Joel didn’t return. Back as Ellie, you will have to locate Tommy and Joel, after dropping from the horse go down the valley. Enter the house through the broken wooden fence and go downstairs.

[SPOILER ALERT] Want to know who is Abby, then click here [SPOILER ALERT]

After this, there is a twist that is worth experiencing. The Last of Us Part II changes a lot after this. This is where all the drama ends, and the game turns into a battle. Do watch the cutscene and you can check our Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 4 for more details or click on TLOU2 Wiki guid for more tips and tricks.