How to Upgrade Weapons in Last of Us Part 2

You don't really to gather a lot of items to upgrade weapons in Last of Us Part 2. Scavenge weapon parts and then find a workbench, our guide will explain you everything in detail.

You can upgrade your weapons in Last of Us 2 Part 2. There are two at the start one is a side-arm a pistol and second is a rifle. Both will be provided at the camp as Ellie and Dina go on the patrol duty. Along with unlocking new Skills, Upgrading weapons is also important. This is going to help you to deal with tougher enemies, Ellie also carries a knife for melee combat and can throw objects to stun enemies. Melee combat is good to deal with single enemies in the vicinity but when its about crowd control then weapons are the only options. Here is a guide on how to find a workbench and upgrade weapons in TLOU2.

Tips and tricks to upgrade Weapons in Last of Us 2

The first workbench is in the second lookout tower. You can check our TLOU2 Part 3 Walkthrough to know the exact location. After surviving the supermarket Ellie and Dina enter the second lookout tower and there you will unlock a workbench. To upgrade your weapons you will need metal parts. They are commonly found in many areas.

You can use a trick to use the Listen ability to see locations of hidden metal parts. It works as Sonar pinging your location of collectibles in the range of 30meters. After having enough metal parts in your inventory go to the workbench. Below are four primary aspects of a weapon that can be upgraded in Last of Us Part 2.

  • Fire Rate
  • Stability / Capacity
  • Recoil / Scope
  • Capacity / Damage

TLOU2 Weapons Upgrade

This changes with the type of weapon. For example, in Pistol or sidearm, you can upgrade Fire Rare, Stability, Recoil, and Capacity. While in a Bolt-Action Rifle you can upgrade Fire Rate, Capacity, Scope, and Damage. Each one requires a number of metal parts. So use them wisely, if you are less using the pistol then focus on upgrading the rifle.

TLOU2 Weapons Upgrade

Depending on the amount of Metal Parts you have, you can select a weapon to unlocks its upgrade menu. For example, for Bolt-Action Rifle you can add +40% more stability by paying 50 Metal Parts. You can unlock 6x Scope for 80 Metal Parts and increase damage by +25% for 100 metal parts. The better the upgrade the more metal parts it requires.

So this is how you can upgrade weapons and make them better in Last of Us 2. A few tips on upgrades are focused more on getting higher ammo capacity and damage. Using a pistol you can need to shoot around 3 to 5 bullets to kill a flicker and around 2 to 3 to kill a runner. If you are having a decent ammo capacity and damage ratio you can kill them faster and easier.

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