Cheat to Find All Collectibles In Last of Us Part 2 – Listen Ability Secret

A kind of Last of Us 2 cheat code to find parts and supplements using the Listen Ability. You can find all hidden parts and supplements in 30 meter range.

Gathering items for crafting or upgrading weapons can be tiring sometimes. Unless you know a secret trick to locate them. For example metal parts or supplements. Thankfully Last of Us Part 2 has a hidden setting that can help you to track these items using the Listen ability. The same ability you can use to track down enemies, as they are displayed in a white shadow. The same works for finding metal parts and supplements also. This is not going to hamper your gameplay, at all. So here is Last of Us Part 2 cheat that lets you see metal parts and supplements in the range of 30 meters.

Locate Parts & Supplements via Listen Ability TLOU2

Last of Us 2 Stealth Kill

There is an option in the game settings that allow you to expand the usage of Listen Ability. At first, you can only use this to located infected and enemies. But you can expand its usability to give you locations of all collectibles in Last of Us Part 2.

  • In the game, Menu go to Options and then select Accessibility
  • Choose Navigation and then select Traversal
  • Select Enhanced Listening Mode = On.
  • Set the Scan Range to 30 meters and Scan time to 1S.

That’s it, the Listen Ability will not only track down enemies in the area but will also help you to find metal parts, supplements, collectibles, etc. Just press R1 + Circle to use this power. You will see all collectibles in the range of 30 meters around you. Isn’t it an amazing option or in simple a Last of Us 2 cheat to try on.

If you like challenges then you can ignore the option and manually scan every nook and corner. Scavenging items is an integral part of the game that requires for weapon upgrades, skills unlock, etc. If you are finding this to frustrating then use this secret trick to locate all collectibles items in The Last of Us Part 2. For more updates on the game, tips, unlock, collectibles do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.