The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 2 – Patrolling Duty

In chapter 2 of The Last of Us Part 2 you will play as Ellie. Following Dina scan the lookouts and supermarket to gather supplies and fight the flickers.

In the previous Prologue Chapter of Last of Us Part 2, we saw Ellie and Abby. Abby was the center of attraction and now Ellie’s story continues. Dina and Ellie are on patrolling duty, the challenge of this part is to deal with the infestation in a Supermarket. There are a lot of items to collect along with a Safe that has supplements. Do not forget to collect 33 supplements that will help you to unlock a skill. Also, you will learn how to craft Explosives and Consumables.

1st Lookout, The Supermarket & Flicker Boss

Last of Us 2 Lookout Tower

Back as Ellie follow Dina, this part is about controlling the horse. Heading to the first lookout just follow Dina and sign the logbook on the top office. Grab a view of the area where you can see three things, second lookout tower, super market, and the ski lodge.

Last of Us 2 Scavenged Parts

Before leaving this place on the left of the exit door there is one room. Go inside and collect scavenged parts. 2x are on the top of the cabinet and 3 inside the lower drawer. An important item to upgrade weapons in Last of Us Part 2. You will be unlocking a weapons workbench soon. Do not forget to take this. Return to the horses. While following Dina you will reach a settlement, press Triangle to dismount from the horse, and check the houses. You can avoid this place, but it is worth checking. You can get some useful items like Supplements.

  • Shortcut to find items: If you feeling bored to check each and every house then turn on the expanded Listen Ability feature. Press R1 + Circle and scan the area. You will see locations of all items, it works like sonar. Revealing locations of every item in the range of 30 meters.

The Supermarket

Back on your way to the next lookout tower, both find a dead moose. Follow the blood trails, it leads to a broken window and be ready to take down some infected. Try using the Stealth Kill, you can save bullets. Open the locked door on the right corner after killing the runner. You will learn to use Throw Attack. If you remember the snowball fight, this is the same. Grab an object, move the joystick to lock the target, and press R2 to throw. This will stun the enemy and then press Square to strike. Striking stunned enemies amplify the damage.

Jump out of the window on the right end of the room, and you will land between two runners. But do not worry you can still use stealth kill to take them one by one. Continue killing all the runners until you and Dina reach a truck. This will trigger a cutscene, where Dina finds a way inside the supermarket. Press Circle to crawl below the truck on the other side, keep pressing Square to throw away the runner. Dina is there to help, now climb on the truck, and press L1 + X to sprint jump on the container and climb up on the roof. You will be inside the Supermarket.

TLOU 2 Walkthrough: Supermarket

Grab alcohol and rags from the left cabinet, this where you can unlock crafting in Last of Us 2. For the first time, you can craft a consumable Health Kit and press R2 to consume it. Heal yourself first to proceed further. The new location has sports, you will encounter a new type of enemy here. But also you will get 33 supplements that will help you to learn your first skill.

Squeeze through the space in the wall, there is a space in the room on right. Unlock it using the code 07-20-13. Here is a guide with all Last of Us Part 2 Safe Codes, you can use it for future reference.  Grab all the supplements and unlock your first skill – Listen Mode Movement Speed 1. Unlocks +50% movement speed in listen mode. Check all the cabinets and drawer for more items, and then squeeze through the wall on the left end.

The Flicker Boss

Last of Us 2 Flicker

Ellie falls down and you will see a new kind of infected. The Flicker is dangerous too much sound and you will die. Your job is to kill them in stealth. So sneak behind them and press triangle to kill. Move only in a crouch position, use the Listen ability to find out other enemies in the area. Help Dina to unlock the door, and she will give you a Molotov. Your first explosive in Last of Us 2.

To use Molotovs Hold L2 to aim and press R2 to arc-throw on the enemy. This also unlocks the Molotov Recipe in TLOU2. To continue to jump through the window and you will be in a big area with a lot of infected. This includes both Runners and Flickers. Takedown the Runners first in the Supermarket. The nearest one will be on your left. They have a common moving pattern, wait for them to pass or turn around. The sneak from behind and kill them. One more thing if you are spotted you cannot stun Flickers, so avoid using it.

How to exit the Supermarket?

Last of Us 2 Rope

After killing all explore the area, for more items. The shutter door on the right will not open, grab the rope from the left corner below the debris. Press L2 to aim and then R2 to throw. Dina will climb first, follow her. Grab your horses and head to the next lookout.

That’s it, The Last of Us 2 Part 2 walkthrough end here. Ellie and Dina are both in a safe place, after exploring the supermarket you will have enough supplies with you. Always keep checking drawers and corners to grab ammo, and items later can be used in crafting. You can continue reading more in our The Last of Part 2 Part 3 Walkthrough or click on TLOU2 Wiki guide for more tips and tricks.