The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 1 – Ellie & Abby’s Intro

In this Last of Us 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough you will explore the world of Ellie and Abby, both contradictory character have their own serious roles in this journey.

The Last of Us 2 story begins with Joel and Tommy. Two friends discussing the past. The first part of The Last of Us 2 has a few long cutscenes followed by some intense action where you will learn basic movements and combat. Ellie has nothing much to do here, the main focus is Abby. Following a patrol, she is planning to do something serious while Ellie and Dina are assigned a duty of patrolling nearby areas. So here is our The Last of Us 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough.

[SPOILER ALERT] Want to know who is Abby, then click here [SPOILER ALERT]


After a short cutscene, you will see Joel and Tommy making their way back to the camp. Just control the horse and explore the vast amazing detailed world of Last of Us 2. The next cutscene is long which triggers a Mini game where Joel plays guitar for Ellie. Use the Left Joystick to select the cord. Here is how you complete this mini-game to proceed further in the Last of Us 2.

How to complete the Guitar Mission:

Last of Us 2 Guitar Mission

Use the left joystick to strike the right chord as shown on the screen and then swipe the touch-pad up and down to strum. With six chords to play with you will see a white line over the round image. Be ready to move the joystick in the right direction. I am defining the chords in North, North East, North West, and South, South East, and South West direction.

  • g – South-West
  • a – North-West
  • g – South-West
  • f – South
  • e – South-East
  • b – North
  • c – North-East
  • e – South-East
  • b – North
  • c – North-East
  • e – South-East
  • c – North-East
  • b – North
  • g – South-West

Just hit the right strings and this will trigger another cutscene where Joel plays a nice tune on the guitar and sings. After a brief kid-daddy interaction the next day Jesse wakes up Ellie. He is trolling Ellie for what happened in the previous evening, you will back in the control. The objective is to dress up and follow Jesse. In the right corner of the room, there is a desk and chair. Walk and press triangle to grab the jacket, weapon, and backpack. Turn around and grab the knife next to the lamp on the left of the exit door.

Follow Jesse, and interact with the dog in the market. Do not waste your time here there is nothing to interact, just follow Jesse who will lead you to Tipsy Bison. Talk to Maria and Seth who will have a kind of awkward conversation. Follow Maria outside the hotel, and at the end of road press triangle to trigger a short discussion. You will see Dina, playing with some kids. This is where you will learn and important combat movement of throwing objects to stun enemies.

How to complete the snowball fight?

You will have to hit the kids with snowballs. There are three steps to learn the throw skill, first collecting the snow to make a snowball, second moving around to lock the target and third throwing. Using this technique you can hit enemies from distance in Last of Us 2.

Last of Us 2 Snowfight

You will see a round circle on the screen if it is locked on target press R2 to throw instantly. Otherwise, move the camera to lock a target. This is fairly simple, grab the snow using Triangle, you will see indicators on the ground. Next move the camera to lock the crosshair and press R2 to hit. Hit the kids 10 times to complete this mini-game. Complete the task, continue following Dina.

Playing as Abby

Last of Us 2 Abby

As Dina and Ellie go out of the camp Last of Us 2 introduces two different characters. They are Abby and Owen. A part of another camp mostly the rival team. Abby follows Owen and you will learn about basic control movements. Like Crouching, jumping, climbing, sprint jump, etc. These all are very important basic controls including the Sprint Jump. It allows you to jump over huge gaps and grab the other edge. Check our Last of US 2 PS4 Control guides for more details.

Owen leads Abby to the campsite, there is something fishy. You will learn more about her further in the game, it is not worth writing back story know. After a small discussion where Owen seems dissatisfied by Abby on her objective. You will continue playing as Abby, follow the paths through the mountain to reach the lodge.

First Encounter:

While on your way you will come across some dead bodies. Frozen in the snow they seem to be sleeping forever. Time to learn about combat. On the right corner of the screen, you will see the Weapon, ammo details, and health bar. The health bar has four-column and it is displayed as a half-circle at the extreme right corner of the screen.

Last of Us 2 Walkthrough

After interacting with the first dead body you will be in a snowy open area more dead infected. Go right and turn left to squeeze between the rocks. Continue walking and the fight begins. Press Square to break the grapple. Next press L1 to dodge and press Square to punch. A white line flashes in front shows the interest of the enemy in you. White means there are more around but they haven’t’ notice you yet. Red means enemies have seen you.

In the first encounter with the infected in Last of Us 2, you will learn about Melee Combat. Dodging and punching, and also using a weapon. Weapons make sound can lead to attracting more. Abby has some cool finisher moves, this is applicable to all playable characters. If you can dodge at the right time just keep pressing Square to punch and kick. Before you enter the garage from the window on the left, heal. To heal press D-pad Up and hold R2 to heal.

The Garage:

Jump in the garage using the left window and Press R3 to turn on the flashlight. Press Circle to stay in a crouch position and slowly explore this place. There is nothing major here, just to explore, travel from one house to another, and finally reach a point where the chapter ends to a cutscene. The houses are places to grab supplies. You can collect ammo and crafting items inside, plus they are filled with infected.

Leave the garage and walk towards the living area. Look on the left at the kitchen table. Collect some ammo, to exit this place you will have to crawl below the floor. There is a hole in the kitchen area, and be ready to shoot an infected. Press L2 to Aim and R2 to shoot. A headshot means instant kill, while if you shoot on bodies the infected may still attack. Come out and press Circle to stand, walk downhill and enter the house from the left window.

Last of Us 2 Stealth Kill

You will learn a new skill here. Press R1 to Listen. It is a kind of sixth sense that highlights nearby enemies. Now it’s time for a stealth kill, in crouch position walk behind the enemy and press Triangle to grab them and then press Square to stealth kill. Enemies also drop items, like Ammos. Press Triangle to grab it, so you can not only find things in the houses but also after killing the infected.

Enemies won’t be able to spot you in the cover, use the Listen ability to know their location. Stealth kills one more and you are out. If you want you can explore the house for ammo and medkit. The bedroom and the small cabinet near the exit door and generator in the garage have ammo. Medkit is in the kitchen on the right corner.

Jump over the wooden gate and hide behind the car. Take down the Infected and use the vehicles for cover. There are more two more zombies here, kill them and crawl below the truck. Squeeze through the car and truck and this part ends here. Abby finds footprints but no patrol. We will continue our walkthrough in the Last of Us 2 Part 2. For more updates on the game, tips, unlock, collectibles do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.