Last of Us 2 Control Guide – Melee Combat, Stealth Attack, etc

Learn this Last of Us 2 PS4 Controls properly, especially the combat controls and how to use stealth mode. This will help you a lot for killing enemies without raising alert.

The Last of Us 2 is a game of survival, your choices lead you to the path of life or death. Living in an infested world controlled by cults is not an easy thing to imagine. Learning the full control scheme will help you during combat. For example the throw knife combat of Last of Us 2. You will learn this early through a snow fight with kids’ objectives. Throwing a knife is an essential move allowing you to take down enemies from distance. But the move is limited another important one to learn is the stealth kill. Without creating any voice you ca quietly kill down zombies in a crowded place one by one. The same goes for thugs and other enemies. So here is a full Last of Us 2 control guide.

Last of Us 2 Basic Controls:

  • How to Heal: Press D-pad Up and then hold R2 to use Health Kit.

Last of Us 2 Movement Controls:

  • How to interact: Walk near the object and press Triangle.
  • How to climb: Move Left joystick in the direction of the platform and press X to climb. Do not leave the joystick, it must be titled towards the straight direction.
  • How to climb using rope: Walk near the rope and press X.
  • How to Squeeze through: Left Joystick + X. To squeeze through narrow walls, push the Left Joystick front and then press X.
  • How to crouch: Press Circle. Press it again to stand.
  • How to Jump: Press X.
  • How to sprint Jump: Hold L1 + X.
  • How to Prone: Hold Circle to crawl on the ground.
  • How to Swing: Hold R1 and then use the left joystick to swing. Press X to jump.

Last of Us 2 Combat and Weapons Controls:

  • Quick-throw: Press R2
  • How to Throw: Grab a object by pressing Triangle, move the camera to lock the crosshair on the target and press R2 to throw.
  • How to break Grapple: Press Square repeatedly to free yourself from enemies grapple.
  • How to Dodge: Press L1 to dodge.
  • How to punch: Press Square
  • How to locate enemy: Press and hold Triangle to use Listen Ability.
  • How to Stealth kill: Walk behind the enemy when it is not watching you, press triangle to grab and square to stealth attack.
  • White Indicator on Screen: Enemies are around but they had not seen you.
  • Red Indicator on Screen: You are exposed, fight or run.
  • How to shoot: Press L2 to AIM and then R2 to SHOOT.

Last of Us 2 Skills & Secrets Controls:

Last of Us 2 Explosives Controls:

  • Molotovs: Hold L2 to aim and press R2 to arc-throw.

Last of Us 2 Horse Riding Controls:

The default ride in LOU2 is a horse, a devastated with almost no vehicles shifts to the old riding styles. Horses will be used to cover distances, to escape, and to explore the vast serenity of Last of Us 2.

  1. How to Gallop:  Gallop will speed up the horse allowing you to cover longer distance in less time. Hold L1 to gallop in Last of Us 2.
  2. How to Jump: Press X.
  3. Leave Horse: Press Triangle to dismantle.

So this was our TLOU2 controls guide, for more updates on the game, tips, unlock, collectibles do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.