How to Stealth Kill In The Last of Us Part 2

A special move to kill enemies silently. Here is a guide and PS4 controls on how to stealth kill, it is an highly important melee combat move.

The Last of Us Part 2 will not be easy for you, there are dangers everywhere. As you progress there are twists and turns you cannot imagine. The biggest issue is dealing with the Infected. If you make a sound, they all come to pay a visit. This is where Stealth Kill in the Last of Us 2 becomes a very important combat skill. And in this guide, I am going to show how to do that.

How to Stealth Kill in TLOU2?

Last of Us 2 Stealth Kill

Stealth Kill consists of three parts. First, you have to approach an enemy quietly from behind using the Listening ability and second, by grabbing him. Once you grab, the enemy will try to push you away. This is where you have to press the final key to unlock a Stealth attack. It can also be called as the Finisher Move. Abby and Ellie both have a different kill animation of Stealth attack.

So here is what you have to do exactly in Last Of Us Part 2. Press and hold R1 to use the Listening ability. If there is an enemy nearby you will see a white shadow. Stay hidden by pressing Circle, press once you can crouch, and press twice you can crawl. Avoid crawling, go in crouch. Walk-behind the enemy for example an infected one and once you are near enough press Triangle. Then after sometime press Square. The key will be displayed on the screen.

Enemies will make minimum voice while using this kill style and it is highly effective. All you have to take care of is not to get spotted. Also if you use weapons on an Infected, more will attack you. Keep practicing Stealth Kill, it is highly useful inside houses.

Another way to combat is punches and kicks. This is done by pressing Square and L1 to dodge. You have to use a perfect combination of both. Infected usually attacks with hand and try to grab you. You can break the grapple and use punches, but if you can dodge successfully you will save a big chunk of your health.

This is how you can stealth kill in The Last of Us 2, for more updates on the game, tips, unlock, collectibles, do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.