How to Craft In Last of Us 2 and Crafting Recipes Guide

You can craft consumables in TLOU2, but before collecting items for crafting item is necessary. You can find what to craft through crafting recipes.

Most common regular thing you will be using in The Last of Us 2 is consumables. You can craft health kits and many items using the Crafting. Thankfully you don’t have to find a specific workbench or a spot to start crafting. Ellie can collect all items in her backpack and start crafting on the go. Learning about TLOU2 crafting is important and here are some tips on it.

How to unlock Crafting in Last of Us Part 2?

Crafting unlocks when you reach the Supermarket in Last of Us Part 2. Ellie and Dina are on patrolling duty, from one lookout tower they travel to the Supermarket which is only accessible through the roof. You can read our Last of Us Chapter 2 walkthrough to know more about the location.

You find Alcohol and rags in the cabinet below TV. You got two items to craft a consumable. Below is the Health Kit Crafting Recipe. It restores 100% health. Collect the item and you can start crafting in The Last of Us Part 2.

Health Kit Recipe

  • 1x Alcohol
  • 1x Rag

Molotov Recipe

  • 1x Alcohol
  • 1x Rag

How to craft?

TLOU2 How to Craft

Press the Touchpad to open the crafting menu. Under the consumable section select the Health Kit and hold X to craft. 1x Alcohol and 1x Rag craft one Health. You can craft up to three in a single time and store them in your backpack. Through the same process, you can also craft explosives, tools, and other items.

Look on the left below the TV, you will find some important items. This will be the first time you will find Alcohol and some Rags. Two important ingredients to craft Health Kit. Later you can load items to the wheel and use it anytime. For more helpful tips and tricks for the game, be sure to read all our TLOU 2 guides on GamerTweak.