The Last Of Us 2 Trophy Guide: All Trophies You Need For Platinum

If you want to earn all achievements and get the Platinum trophy, check this The Last of Us 2 Trophies guide and list to know everything you should complete.

The Last of Us 2 is a massive game, with a huge scope for exploration, side missions and scavenging. With mixed reviews this game has been long enough to keep players engaged in a intensive survival world. Due to this, the game length of TLOU 2 is about 25 hours on an average and 30 to 35 hours for the completionists. There will be no difficulty-related trophies in the sequel, you can earn them in the Very Light difficulty setting as well. What do you have to do to get trophies in this game? Well, find out in our The Last of Us 2 Trophy Guide.

Trophy List of The Last of Us 2

There are in total 26 trophies that you can earn in The Last of Us Part 2. Here’s what you must do to achieve them.

  • Every Last One of Them: Collect all trophies (The Last of Us 2 Platinum Trophy)
  • What I Had to Do: Complete the entire story campaign
  • Archivist: Find every artifact and journal entry to earn this
  • Master Set: You get this when you find all trading cards
  • Nuismatist: Find all possible coins
  • Prepared for the Worst: Locate all the workbenches
  • Mechanist: Completely upgrade a weapon
  • Specialist: Learn every player upgrade in one branch
  • Safecracker: When you unlock every safe, you get this trophy
  • Journeyman: Get all training manuals
  • Survival Training: When you learn 25 player upgrades, this trophy will be yours
  • High Caliber: Finding all weapons gives you this trophy
  • In the Field: Finding 12 workbenches gives you this trophy
  • Tool of the Trade: Craft every single item
  • Tinkerer: Upgrade a weapon
  • Apprentice: Learn a player upgrade
  • Starter Set: Find 5 trading cards to get this trophy
  • Mint Condition: Find 5 coins

The Last Of Us 2 Hidden Trophies

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are more secret trophies.

  • So Great and Small: Get the Engraved Ring
  • Sightseer: Visit all locations in Downtown Seattle
  • Relic of the Sages: Locate the Strange Artifact
  • Survival Expert: Learn every player upgrade
  • Arms Master: Upgrade all weapons fully to be an Arms Master
  • Looks Good On You: You get this when you put a hat on your companion
  • Put My Name Up: Achieve the high score in the bow and arrow game
  • Sharp Shooter: All you have to do is win at the shooting competition

Some of these achievements might need a second playthrough so if you want them all, replaying it via New Game Plus is the way to go. We have linked our relevant guides next to the trophy names, which will help you get the trophies easily. We will update this post as newer guides are added.

So, this is our Last of Us 2 Trophy Guide and list. For more such useful tips, check out our The Last of Us 2 Wiki.