The Last of Us 2 Review Bombed By Players Who Haven’t Even Finished The Game

As we all know, the Internet is an extraordinary medium for sharing everything. The network we use in our daily lives eliminates distances, allows you to interact instantly with any point of the globe which we, unfortunately, abuse abundantly, it gives us the opportunity to be always updated, always active. And, even more, it always gives us the opportunity to express our opinion in own ways. Well, it seems that the power of the User Reviews for The Last of Us 2 has been not so well.

The Last of Us 2 caused a stir even before its release, when part of the gameplay footage leaked to the internet and many were not satisfied with what they saw. But journalists from all over the world assured that this is an interesting experience that everyone has to go through on their own to understand what the main protagonist Ellie is going through and how the whole developers from the American studio Naughty Dog meant for it.

However, just hours after the release, players are again criticizing the PlayStation 4 exclusive title. On the review aggregator, the title of Naughty Dog is only the latest in an infinite series of products subjected to review bombing: on Metacritic, it currently has an average of 95/100 expressed by over ninety reviews of the critics, but in the day-one, it has an average of 3 or 4/10 expressed by user scores, who are bombarding the title with 0/10 ratings.

It seems that someone is thinking it’s for the console war. Others are thinking that they didn’t like the spoiler contents that had experienced a leak some time ago. Someone else thinks it’s because there is a toxic social problem in dealing with any work that represents minorities – and you don’t even need to go too far to understand it.

The players are complaining that the sequel doesn’t make any sense into account, or the screenwriters had no respect for it, and The Last of Us 2 is said to be a meaningless title.

Recall that The Last of Us 2 is available now on PS4.