The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 8 – Way to the Hospital

In this part of walkthrough Ellie goes alone towards the Hospital where she is looking for Nora. The path is not easy there is a lot of exploration.

In the previous walkthrough of Last of Us Part II, you played a mission that was set in flashback. When Ellie went with Tommy and Joel on a small hunting trip. You will learn to use a sniper and fight a flicker boss. Once the mission is over in a cutscene Ellie decides to go out alone.

Route 5 – The Hospital

Last of Us 2 Walkthrough

Follow Route 5 the left of the theater, push the gates to move forward. Then climb the fence on the right end you will be able to get through. Back on the streets, on your left, you will see a store, be ready to face some infected here. Go near to the door and then will attack. You can kill them the way you want, but to be on the safe side throw a Molotov on the first one. Takedown the other two in melee combat. One of them will drop a letter.

last of us 2 route 5 guide

Continue to Route 5 and you will reach a dead end. Look on the left for a truck it has some supplies. Climb on its roof of the house with a red sign for Lease. Break the window to go inside, the first door on the left will lead you to a kitchen with workbench. Interact with it and there will be a fight. You will be attacked by four enemies. Use the big desk in the kitchen to stay in cover, they are easy to kill. You can either take them down in melee combat or use weapons. The workbench will be available if you have enough metal parts to continue to upgrade weapons.

There is a safe inside that will give you some supplements. Exit the room with workbench go to the second room on the same floor. Do not go down, use the platform outside the window to access the end side of the upper floor. Break the glass and the safe is behind the brown door on the left of the fridge. The code to unlock this safe is 10-08-83. You can collect supplements, pistol, and shotgun ammo.

Last of Us 2 Walkthrough

Return back on the streets, to the dead end and look the right corner of a garbage truck. There is a massive gate with message Do not Block – 24-hour access. Use the red garbage bin to climb and jump over the big gate. Enter the red door on the right, grab the garbage bin from inside and place it on the slope. Run towards the chain on the left of the door and pull it to open. Hold it until the garbage bin passes to the other side. Now run to the other side and push the bin to the wall and climb up. You can now unlock the doors from inside.

Seattle Conference Center

Take the stairs and finally climb up and you will see the massive building of the hospital. On your right is Seattle Conference Center, a massive building with stalkers waiting for you. Coming out of this is not simple just follow the instructions below.

Last of Us 2 Seattle Conference Center

There are platforms around using them to go down, the one you can see in the above game screenshot. Go left, and turn left again. Follow the sign Suit 13031, a room with a blue door. The room is dark and stinky which indicates the appearance of stalkers in it. Check the first room on the right as the long desk ends, you will spot a stalker while coming out.

Last of Us 2 Seattle Conference Center

At the end of the lobby jump over the door and there will be a group of stalkers. Move forward and fight with four stalkers. More stalkers are waiting ahead, so go quietly. Go to the storage, break the glass, and jump outside the window. Go a level up and jump, use the window to enter into the building.

Last of Us 2 Seattle Conference Center

This is a spooky room, more stalkers will attack you from the walls in the crack. Take them down and then use the same gap to squeeze through, until you reach a huge office and see a door in the right end corner. As soon as you interact with the door and cutscene beings. It shows Ellie falling down in the sewers.

How to get out of the Sewers?

Last of Us 2 Seattle Sewers

To reach the stairs you will have to walk over the pipe. Jump into the water and swim right, then climb up from the left wall to reach the pipes. Walk over it and you can now take the stairs back on the street. Things are going to be tougher ahead, refer the map shows in the cutscene. It will show a direct path to the hospital.

Escaping the Arrows

Last of Us 2 Arrows attack

Walking through the grass Ellie will be attacked. An arrow attack can reduce your health, so crawl into the grass. If you crouch enemies can spot you. With the help of Listen Ability, you can spot the incoming hostiles. Enemies with Fire Lamp, slowly walk near and use the stealth attack. That is the only best thing you can do. Take your time, as soon as you hear whistle hide in the plants. Follow the whistle sound to locate enemies if you are finding it hard to see them through the vegetation.

Proceed towards the fire quietly, there will be a ton of enemies. Be silent and stay in a crawl position. When enemies walk towards your direction be ready to press Triangle for a stealth attack. On the street, you will see an H sign, a road that leads to the hospital. You will reach the door of Garden Suits, you will have to cross this building to reach the other side.

How to exit Garden Suits?

Go to the upper floor and enter the massive suit through the white door. There is another white door inside that leads to the back alley, jump down and look on the left end corner. Squeeze your way through and you will be once again surrounded by a lot of enemies. So before proceeding craft arrows, ammo, explosives, consumables, etc.

You will have to defeat all the enemies in the area, there are two ways to deal with them. First, you can either charge in and shoot them. Second, you can play in stealth. But still, the enemies will be able to locate you, so keep changing your grounds. Do not stay on one spot, sometimes you will get chances for a stealth attack. Hire grounds is the best place to camp. Be patient and play your game. All your necessary skills upgrades, weapons, etc will work here. More enemies are below the bridge.

The bow and arrow will be a handy weapon to kill enemies without making noise. But focus on head-shots only. Follow the H sign to know you are going in the right direction. After a long fight, you will be finally able to reach the hospital.

Encounter 1 – Giant WLF Guard

Last of Us 2 WLF Guard

As soon as you open the red door at the hospital a giant guard will attack you. Defeating him in melee combat is easy, dodging will be the key to survival. Press L1 to dodge his attack and use a machete. Three attacks and he will block you, then dodge and continue fighting again. His whistle will call more guards, you can grab the hammer and use it against them. This will be a short encounter, enter the red door, and look at the right end for another one.

You will have to make your way to the roof. Then jump into the water, continue walking towards the hospital. On your way in Weston’s you will find a safe, just crawl through the wall crack. The passcode to unlock it is 38-55-23. Also, there is a workbench in the same room.

Continue moving towards the hospital, this time you will have to swim a bit. After spotting a patrolling boat, swim to the right towards a fallen tree. Cross two trees and you will see an underground passage inside the building. Sneak behind the women, who will tell Ellie about Nora. This is where we end this part of the walkthrough. Next Ellie goes hunting down Nora in the building where bigger challenges waiting for her. Do not forget to read us The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 9 and also checkout TLOU2 Wiki guide for more updates.