How To Use Listen Mode In The Last Of Us 2?

How to use Listen Mode in The Last of Us 2? When to use it and what are the Listen Mode upgrades? Find all the answers in this guide.

Listen mode is a useful ability in The Last of Us 2 to know the whereabouts of nearby enemies. This mode is perfect while you are stealthily moving around, planning to kill your next target. As the name of this ability tells you, it gives you a heightened hearing which will show you enemy silhouettes, even through walls and other obstacles like vehicles. In a game which involves survival where the character is surrounded by enemies – humans, dogs and infected creatures – this comes as a huge advantage. In this guide, we will show you how to use Listen Mode in The Last of Us 2 and the situations where you can make the most of it.

Listen Mode in The Last of Us 2 – How To Use It

This feature was available even in The Last of Us. Now, it is more useful than ever before, since the stakes are even higher this time around. With this Listen Mode, you will be able to see enemies as blurred shapes, which will help you decide your next move. It is ideal to slowly sneak up to enemies and kill them off.

Not just this, the Listen Mode is also beneficial to take a different route, if the one you were going on is packed with foes. This is how your chances of survival increase.

How and When to Use it

To use it, all you have to do is hold the R1 button. By doing this, the character will crouch and walk slowly, so as to not get detected. When this mode is active, the screen will darken and it will focus o n a white and blurry silhouette. The best part is that you can get an idea about the enemies that are above and below you too.

During Listen Mode, you can only crouch and move. You can’t use your weapon during this time, because it’s solely to locate enemies.

After knowing where they are with the Listen Mode, the next thing to do is choose your action. Do you want to take them out? Escape undetected? Take your pick.

To catch them off guard and kill stealthily, you have to stay crouched and slowly sneak up to them. Then, catch them in your grasp and get your stealth kill.

You can also choose to go aggressive if you like. Simply shoot the target without giving them any chance to hit back.

What are the Listen Mode upgrades?

You can utilize supplements to upgrade your Listen Mode. Through these upgrades you can increase your movement speed, range and clarity. Check our our guide on all player skill upgrades to know more about it.

So, this is everything about how to use the Listen Mode in The Last of Us 2. Be sure to read our TLOU 2 wiki guide for more useful information.