Last of Us Part 2 Grocery Store Safe Password

The first safe is in the super market and it has a ton of supplements, here is the passcode to unlock the safe and how to find it.

In Last of Us Part 2 during the first patrolling duty when Ellie and Dina explores a supermarket, you will spot the first safe. It is the Grocery Store and to unlock that you will need a passcode. For each safe in Last of Us 2 a passcode is required, its hints are around. Sometimes on the walls, on papers, etc. But here is how you can unlock the grocery store safe code in Last of Us 2.

Grocery Store Safe Password

To unlock the safe in the grocery store type 07-20-13. A date which is some kind of birthday to verify check the dog’s photo on the board above. Type this and you can open the safe and grab supplements. For the first time, you will get enough to upgrade your skills.

In similar ways, there are safes throughout the game, and you will need to find the access codes first. The passcodes are like hint which are scattered around. Check our letters, number on walls, etc and you can find them. But some are tough to find, so to save your time click this link to learn about all safe codes in Last of Us 2.

The problem is safe are hidden in random locations, it is not like you can find them during the story missions. Some are just hidden in corners of rooms, so scanning every location becomes a necessity. Safe can help you to get important upgrades like Gun holsters, it allows you to carry more guns. You can find a large amount of metal parts sand supplements at one sport.

Last of Us 2 is an extensive game, based on Ellie’s life its a slow journey driven by revenge. The game features an open world mechanism where you are free to choose the way you want to play the game. There is still a lot more to discover, and this where our Last Of Us Part II wiki guide can help. This guide has an extensive set of tips and tricks, unlocks, complete game walk-through, and a lot more.