Last Of Us 2 Cheats: Accessibility Features That Work Like Cheats

Here are the Accessibility Features that work just as The Last of Us 2 cheats in PS4. Find out which gameplay related The Last of Us 2 cheats you can use to change your gaming experience.

The Last of Us 2 is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. This time around, the game is bigger, more hard-hitting and more accessible. With various game difficulty options, including a custom mode, this game is made in such a way that everyone can enjoy it. So, if you are wondering if there are cheats in The Last of Us 2, keep reading this guide.

The Last of Us 2 Cheats PS4

Here, we will look at some of the “cheats” in The Last of Us Part 2. Although not truly cheats, these accessibility features will surely give you the same result. This is primarily why TLOU 2 has been called ‘Naughty Dog’s most accessible game to date’ and rightly so. But before we get into the Last of Us 2 cheats, take a look at how you can get them.

  • Go to the Main menu
  • Go to Options
  • Pick Accessibility

And then you can choose which type of cheats or advantages you want in the game. Every option gives you something different related to motion sickness, combat accessibility, navigation, cues and more. With that information, let’s get into the details of gameplay-related accessibility features which work like The Last of Us 2 cheats.

Navigation and Traversal Assistance

  • Enhanced Listen Mode: With these audio cues, you can detect enemies, items and collectibles better since your Listen Mode gets more powerful.
  • Navigation Assistance: This will point the character toward the objective by pressing L3.
  • Ledge Guard: You won’t fall off ledges with this.
  • Infinite Breath: While underwater, your breath will be infinite.
  • Skip Puzzles: You can skip all puzzles with this and move to the puzzle’s completion.

Combat Accessibility

  • Hostages Don’t Escape: Your hostages won’t flee.
  • Reduced Enemy Perception: Enemies will not notice you easily.
  • Invisible While Prone: If you are prone, enemies won’t be able to see you.
  • Reduced Weapon Sway: This will reduce the sway while aiming weapons.
  • Slow Motion: This will slow down time when you are aiming weapons giving you more time to be precise.
  • Allies Don’t Get Grabbed: Allies will escape when grabbed by enemies expect for those encounters which requires it to happen.
  • Enemies Don’t Flank: Your opponents will not flank you intentionally.
  • Reduced Enemy Accuracy: This will reduce the aiming accuracy of your enemies.


  • Auto pick-up: This will pick up ammo and ingredients placed nearby automatically.
  • Auto weapon swap: This will switch to another holstered weapon when you use up all your ammo.
  • Lock-on aim: When you are aiming, this will lock-on to the center of the target’s body automatically. You can change to target the head or legs with the Right Stick. Plus, if you choose
  • Auto-Target: the next enemy will be targeted automatically, even if they are not on the screen.
  • Arc-throw lock-on: This will lock-on targets automatically when you are aiming a throwable.

Audio Cues

  • Traversal Cues: Provides more audio cues to help with exploration which makes jumping gaps, climbing ledges and other areas easier to traverse.
  • Combat Audio Cues: This will play a sound cue for enemy grab and strike prompts, incoming melee attacks, landing a shot on a target and more.

So, these were the gameplay-related accessibility features which work as The Last of Us 2 cheats. They are bound to alter the gaming experience and adjust it as per your requirement. While you are here, make sure to read all our The Last of Us 2 Wiki guides on GamerTweak.