All Supplies and Parts Location In The Last of us 2 Chapter 6 – 10

Parts is The Last of Us 2 are some of the most essential things in the game as by collecting them, you can upgrade your weapons making them even better.

Supplements are like Parts but instead of upgrading your weapons, you get to learn new skills in the game, and with more skills, you can upgrade your character to pull off moves as you’ve never seen before.

Make sure you check out the location of each and every part and supplement in this guide as you will need them to unlock plenty of skills and upgrade weapons. You can even earn two trophies for finding everything in The Last of Us 2.

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All Supplies and Parts Location In TLOU 2 Chapter 6 – 10

Chapter 6 and 7 Supplies and Parts Location

Chapter 6  and 7 of Last of Us 2 has no Supplements or Parts for you to find.

Chapter 8: The Gate Supplies and Parts Location

i. 10 Parts

As you play along in chapter 8, you will reach a site with a big gate at the end of the overgrown highway, and on this gate, you will see the graffiti that says, “WLF TRESPASSERS KILLED ON SIGHT!”. Immediately left to this wall, you can find 7 Parts on the truck that is the farthest.

You can get your hands on 3 more Parts, in the little guardhouse inside the fenced area. It is nearby to the truck and you can get to both these places easily.

ii. 5 Parts

When you’re done scaling the wall, wait there and do not go down the ladder. Instead, you should turn left and find another ladder that is hidden which leads to the watchtower, you can get Parts and other useful things there.

iii. 4 Parts and 7 Supplements

When you finally come down from the ladder in the watchtower, you will see a closed gate. There should be a trailer in front of you and behind this trailer, you can find a generator and power cable.

Power on the generator and grab the power cable. Throw the cable over the building to the other side. Make sure to aim behind the sign on the trailer’s roof and make it fall as close to the fence door as possible.

Now, use the power cable as a rope and climb up the trailer building. You can find Parts and Supplements here.

iv. 12 Parts and 17 Supplements

When you go to the next trailer building, you will need to enter a gate code which is 0512. You can break the window and climb out the back of this. Once you do this, you will be able to see a path that leads up to a watchtower, and inside you will find a lot of Parts and Supplements.

Chapter 9: Downtown Supplies and Parts Location

i. 10 Supplements and 16 Parts

When you’re out in the open world, head towards the broken highway which should be to your north. You will need to reach between 6th and 7th Ave. Find a firetruck on the brindle and then climb on top of the military truck next to the bridge.

Get on to the firetruck and pick up the fire hose and cast it down the bridge towards a highway. You should find a rolled over truck there. Use the hose to climb down and swing it to get on the overturned truck. Inside you will find the Supplements and Parts.

ii. 18 Supplements and 7 Parts

Get between Colombia St and Marion St where you find the Ruins. Walk up to the top of them and smash the window to get in, step onto the balcony, and head upstairs to reach the top. Here you will find your Supplements and Parts.

iii. 13 Parts

There’s a shop named Valiant Music Shop between 5th & 6th Ave. Head inside and then go upstairs and proceed to smash the glass cabinets.

iv. 1 Supplement

Madison ST, between 5th and 6th Ave, just north of Valiant Music Shop, you will find stairs that lead up and will take you to a corpse who has a note with him.

v. 16 Parts

All you have to do is find the military tent between Marion & Madison ST.

vi. 20 Supplements and 17 Parts

Get on Madison St between 4th Ave and 5th Ave, here you will find a Gate that you can push, and as you go ahead you will a safe there to unlock it enter 04-51 to unlock it.

vii. 12 Supplements and 12 Parts

Find Ruston Coffee Shop at the intersection of 5th Ave and Spring St, once you find it enter it by smashing the windows in and search the interior, you will find a lot over here.

viii. 18 Supplements and 8 Parts

Go to the building easy of Valiant Music Store on Marion & Madison ST, to get the door at the back of the building to open you will need the “Pet Store Key”, which can be easily found in Ruston Coffee Shop’s restroom.

ix. 12 Parts

Find the little waterfall between 6th & 7th Ave, you will find a truck parked there. Open the backside of this truck and you will find what you’re looking for.

x. 10 Parts

Find the Dome between Colombia & Marion ST and on the ground floor itself, you will find the parts scattered here. Make sure to check the shelves and other places.

xi. 11 Parts

Get to the upper floor and you will get your hands on even more Parts, make sure that you do this before using the rope to swing.

xii. 8 Supplements

While you’re still inside the Dome, use the rope to swing and it will start off a small cutscene after this check out the rabbi’s office and you will find the supplements on the desk.

xiii. 3 Parts

Get to the courthouse between Madison & Spring ST and as soon as you enter you will be confronted by some Infected and Clickers, kill them and then go downstairs find a dark hallway. Go to the very end and smash the windows to make way towards a small office to climb into.

xiv. 19 Supplements and 7 Parts

You can find a safe in the same room as mentioned above, to unlock the safe, use code: 08-07-22.

xv. 8 Parts

Go back to the dark hallway before using the elevator rope to climb down, you will find more parts over here.

xvi. 7 Parts

Find the fuel and get back to the “FUCK FEDRA GATE”, power on the generators with the same fuel, and enter code 5345 to open the gate. Go to the Serevena hotel and you will find the WLF markings on your map, check drawers to find the parts.

xvii. 11 Parts

Get to the ground floor of Serevena Hotel where you find the Concierge room. This is a good place to find parts.

xviii. 18 Supplements

Go to the upper floor, the first bedroom that you see, enter it and find the supplies in the bathroom sink.

Chapter 10: Eastbrook Elementary Supplies and Parts Location

i. 8 Supplements and 16 Parts

When the shooting scene in the corridor is done with, you will find yourself at an area with tall grass and a bunch of trees. Go to the cafeteria to find the supplements and parts.

ii. 8 Parts

Get to the rooftop and cross it to find these parts.

iii. 13 Supplements and 16 Parts

After the rooftop, check out the immediate next room that you enter.

iv. 3 Supplements and 11 Parts

After you jump over to the balcony, go inside the apartment and find inside the bedroom closet. You will get what you’re searching for.

v. 6 Supplement and 16 Parts

All you have to do is go to the next apartment and start looking in the bedroom closet and bathroom sink.

These are all the locations from Chapters 6 – 10 in The Last of Us 2 where you can find Supplements and Parts, this will ensure that you have the best version of your preferred weapon on you at all times and unlock important skills in the game.

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