All Parts & Supplements Locations In The Last of Us 2 Chapter 1-5

Parts and Supplements in The Last of Us 2 are used to unlock new upgrades that will make the experience of playing the game even better. There are a lot of parts and supplements in The Last of Us 2 and if you do not know where every part is located, you are going to exhaust yourself searching.

If you want to know the location of each part and supplement in The Last of Us 2, you will have to read this guide and then find the location and chapter of where you are, to get to the nearest area.

All Parts & Supplements Locations In The Last of Us 2

Parts and Supplements work different but are correlated in The Last of Us 2, every Supplement that you find in the game will ensure that you can quickly get your Player Upgrades and Parts help you to customize and upgrade your weapons making them more durable and better.

It should be kept in mind that a single playthrough won’t be enough for you to unlock every upgrade and you will have to make use of the New Game+ mode after completing The Last of Us 2.

To unlock everything in The Last of Us 2 you will require 920 Parts and 1900 Supplements and for your effort, the game will award you with two trophies that you can proudly show off to your friends.

There is a cheat of sorts that you activate, helping you locate parts and supplements easily in The Last of Us 2, you can go to the Accessibility Options and then to Accessibility, moving ahead to Navigation and Traversal and to switch Enhanced Listening Mode to ON. You will have to change the Scan Range to 30M and Scan Time to 1S.

Enabling this option will grant you the location of every part that is around you, all you have to do is press R1 and Circle, and you can use it as many times as you want.

Not every chapter will have a supplement or a part for you to collect, but some chapters will give you in abundance so make sure that you read about every chapter in this guide.

Chapter 1: Prologue

No Supplements or Parts in this Chapter.

Chapter 2: Waking Up Parts & Supplements Locations

i. 7 Parts

When you play as Ellie and are following Jesse you will get the chance to go through a snowy town. As soon as you come to the end of the snowy road, you will find the parts at a Blacksmith, who is working by a bench.

This is immediately before you enter the Tipsy Bison Bar, look opposite to the bar and you will find the blacksmith.

ii. 3 Parts

As soon as you leave the Tipsy Bison Bar, you will see scaffolding towards the right of the Public Library, head over there to collect.

iii. 5 Parts

When you leave the Tipsy Bison Bar, go along with your friends and towards the end of the road, you should be able to spot a box. Inside you will find your parts.

Chapter 3 The Overlook

No Parts of Supplements found in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Patrol Parts & Supplements Locations

i. 5 Parts

You will be exploring alongside Dina in this chapter and when she makes you climb up on a rope, head over to the room on the right, you should know you are in the right room if you spot a bong. In this room, you will find more parts.

ii. 7 Supplements and 8 Parts

In Chapter 4, when Ellie and Dina get back up on the horse for the second time, you should pay attention to what Dina has to say. She will point out some houses that you should definitely check out. To get down from your horse, press Triangle and you can get down and move towards the RV on foot. Inside you will find what you’re looking for.

iii. 2 Supplements

As soon as you leave the RV, go to the house on the left, inside you should be able to find a couple of more supplements in the bathroom upstairs.

iv. 2 Supplements

There is another house towards your right, use the pickup truck to climb into the house and once you’re on the first floor you will find 2 more supplements on the nightstand.

v. 7 Supplements

Ellie and Dina will reach a marketplace called Greenplace Market, here you will have to kill the first zombie that you encounter and wait. Do not enter the room on the left, instead, you’re supposed to go towards the small side room that you can see on the right. The door is locked and you will have to go around the back after climbing out, you can find 7 Supplements here.

vi. 4 Parts

As soon as you’re done with the previous room, now go to the room on the left. As soon as you head inside a small cutscene will take place and you can find 4 parts in this room.

vii. 7 Parts

When you crawl under a truck as the game’s narrative pushes you Dina will come to your rescue. After the danger has been dealt with, enter into the truck to find more parts.

viii. 8 Supplements

You should move to the back of the truck and here you will find even more Supplements.

ix. 3 Parts

The game will take you and Dina to a spore-infested area, here you can find 3 Parts and if you enter the room to your left you can get your hands on some rage and alcohol to prepare bandages.

x. 12 Parts and 14 Supplements

As soon as you get to the spore-infested area and have masks on, and before entering through the small gap in the kitchen, go to the back office of the supermarket. Here you will find a safe and to unlock it you can enter the code 07-20-13.

If you want to know the combination of every safe and gate unlock code in The Last of Us 2, you can check out our guide.

xi. 8 Supplements

As soon as you enter the kitchen, you will see a locker outside of the back office near the safe.

xii. 25 Supplements

As soon as you go through the small gap, you won’t be able to go back. When you find yourself in a room where Dina gives you a Molotov, check around and on the shelves and tables around.

xiii. 24 Parts

You will reach a library after breaking a window, inside you will find a lot of parts so make sure that you look around carefully.

xiv. 7 Parts

After you turn on the generator inside the library, you will find a table before the workbench. Go back to the room where you came from and you should be able to find the Parts there.

Chapter 5: The Horde Parts & Supplements Locations

No Parts or Supplements found here

This has been the first 5 chapters where you can find all of the Supplements and Parts to unlock new skills and to upgrade your weapons. Make sure to check out our guide on Where to find Supplements in Chapter 6 to Chapter 10 in The Last of Us 2.