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How To Use Photo Mode In The Last Of Us 2?

Wondering how to use Photo Mode in the Last of Us 2? Then read this guide where we break down the process to get the perfect photo.

Sometimes, we all feel like capturing some in-game moments to cherish forever. The Last of Us 2 lets you do that in a stunning fashion. Since there are so many gorgeous visuals including snow landscapes, grassy areas and forests, there are bound to be times when you want to take a picture of what you see. This is where the photo mode in The Last of Us 2 comes in. Here’s how you can make the most of this feature to take amazing pictures from the game.

Last of Us Part 2: How to Use Photo Mode?

For the uninitiated, photo mode will freeze what’s going on in the game, to give you a chance to take a picture of it. To open up photo mode in The Last of Us 2, press Options button on the controller and choose Photo Mode from the menu. Once you enter it, you will get a lot of options to customize.

To make sure that you have the photo mode shortcut, go to options menu. You need to enable the option to press R3 + L3 for Photo Mode in The Last of Us 2 every time you find a shot that needs to be captured. This will save some time and get you the shot that you need.

When you choose the Game camera mode, you will see the angles as the game intends them to be. With custom, you can change the camera angles as you want. If you just prefer taking a photo of the background, you can also remove the characters present in the scene.

You can manipulate the distance and intensity of depth of field as well as the sharpness, brightness and saturation of display. Don’t forget to check out the effects like film grain and chromatic aberration which can change the setting and tone of the picture. Plus, filters like blorange and vintage can take the photo to another level. If you’d like to add a vignette and change the aspect ratios, those options are there too.

Overall, the photo mode in The Last of Us 2 is a wonderful way to capture calm moments of traversing as well as action-packed ones.

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