The Last of Us 2 All 48 Trading Card Location

Strong enough to collect all cards in Last of Us 2, then this guide can help you. With over 48 collectibles location you can use this article to find all one by one.

Trading Cards are a kind of collectibles in Last of Us 2. Some of them extremely easy to find during the story missions while some are hidden in corners. Collecting all 48 Trading Cards in The Last of Us 2 will reward you Master Set Trophy. The cards feature superheroes you can read their back story and starts on them. So let’s begin with the guide.

Trading Cards Locations Guide

I am adding screenshots of each trading card in Last of Us 2, with its location where you can find it. Keep this guide by your side while playing the game and you can collect each one of them.

1. The Keene Twins

Last of Us Trading Card Location 1

While following Jesse during the start of the game he will take you to Tipsy Bison. On the right side of the desk look on the wooden barrel. Just below the game of darts.

2. Seismicayal

Last of Us Trading Card Location 2

Follow Jesse towards the four-way. This where you will greet a dog, on the left side near horses and a broken car look for a notice board. The card is on the board.

3. Tesseracter

Last of Us Trading Card Location 3

Outside the camp, following Dina, you will halt in an area with a lot of houses. Dina will ask you to scan the place, look for the house with a broken bedroom wall. Climb through the car and look on the shelves on the left.

4. Laurent Foucault, CEO SPARK

Last of Us Trading Card Location 4

During the way to the lookout tower, you will have to enter a Copy Center by breaking the glass. Break the glass and use the second door, go a little ahead and turn left. Look for a storage room type area you will find a trading card on the desk.

5. Motivator

Last of Us Trading Card Location 5

While riding with Dina towards the Seattle city, stop near a stop. There is a card on in a pouch on the right wall.

6. The Starfire Kids

Last of Us Trading Card Location 6

Continue your way towards the first gate and on your left, you will see a cabin. This cabin has a Seattle Map and also the card pinned to the notice board.

7. Chessmaster

Last of Us Trading Card Location 7

When Dina helps you to grab the stairs to climb up the wall of Main Gate, you will have to go to the other side. Go to the end and climb up a round watch tower kind of room. A trading card is in this room.

8. Oozer

Last of Us Trading Card Location 8

Inside the locked main gate you will have to break a glass to enter the metal cabin. The card is on the roof of this cabin. Go backside and grab the yellow and throw it over the fence on the left edge of this cabin. Go to the other side and use the cable to climb up.

9. Doctor Uckmann

Last of Us Trading Card Location 9

Right on the opposite of Dome Shape building which is the court look at the left corner. A broken building with only stairs and floors. Go up and look for and use the outer side of the window to g further up. You will spot a table near one of the windows. The card in the drawer of the desk at the top.

10. Das Wort

Last of Us Trading Card Location 10

Near the court at the corner of the southwest corner of 5th Ave street look for Valiant Music Shop. In the drawer of the front desk on left, you will find a trading card.

11. Big Blue

Last of Us Trading Card Location 11

Refer to the map screenshot above to find Ruston Coffee. Break the glass to go inside and search in the kitchen drawer.

12. Flo

Last of Us Trading Card Location 12

The card is inside a case, in Seattle 1 – Downtown follows the map that will take you to a crashed truck. Look for a street sign, this means you are in the correct place. Search for Gate West 2 sign which is right behind the crashed truck. Search this place and you will find a safe. The code to unlock it is – 04-51.

13. Know It All

Last of Us Trading Card Location 13

This card is inside a massive hotel with a WLF wolf logo. It is a huge building you will notice it easily in Seattle Day 1 – Downtown. Enter the building and take the first door on the right. Go upstairs and search for a room with two beds. The card in the drawer between them just below the lamp.

14. Cardio

Last of Us Trading Card Location 14

While running from WLF guards Ellie and Dina open up a vent to go on the roof. And then Ellie jumps on the balcony from the roof. After jumping over the fallen shelf check the drawer on the left of the bed in the room on right.

15. Kinnard, Esq.

Last of Us Trading Card Location 15

In the Capitol Hill area on the streets, you will have to find access to the back alley. Look at a similar sitting area as shown in the screenshot above. Turn around and enter the house with blue walls and 3 marked on the entrance. In the living room on the left of the sofa look into the drawer.

16. Rockafella

Last of Us Trading Card Location 16

Running away from WLF soldiers will lead you to Capitol Inn. A motel, from sign, go left to the back alley. Jump into the bedroom from the broken window and grab the card from the floor. Look for a dustbin.

17. Doctor Stem

Last of Us Trading Card Location 17

During the story, you will come across a gas station with two signs on it. Oil Change and A/C Service. The A/C server section has a workbench inside. From the gas station go to the Book Store is in the right end corner of the street. Among the bookshelves, you will find a door, which is on the left end of the store. Look on the left below the painting.

18. Sergeant Frost

Last of Us Trading Card Location 18

This one is easy to find, from the Bookstore where you got Doctor Steam card, come to the street and go right. There is a small passage that leads to a baseball court. Jump down cross the blue van and go right, you will see a house with a blue door. Jump down and take the door on the right corner, not the blue door. Inside go right and walk till the end you will find lockers. Open the first one to collect the card.

19. Candelabra

Last of Us Trading Card Location 19

Remember the Liquor Wine shop, this is the place where you will see trap mine for the first time. Go into the shop and look on the shelves at the left of atm.

20. Bizarrebra

Last of Us Trading Card Location 20

After crossing the military zone with a lot of trap mines you will have to squeeze through a path outside Martial Arts store. There is a store with a blue board on the street, to enter you will have to destroy the trapped mine outside. Shoot the can, inside look in the left shelve under Children’s sign.

21. Kimimela

Last of Us Trading Card Location 21

This card is in the TV tower after entering the window from outside and goes to the office on the right end of the room. The trading card is no desk.

22. The IMP

Last of Us Trading Card Location 22

After escaping from the TV Tower you will be in a subway. Before you enter the room with red lights look on its left. There is a crashed train and the card is under that in the middle.

23. Dr. Daniela Star

Last of Us Trading Card Location 23

In the same area, Ellie and Dina will escape through a falling door. Follow the pipes and look for a room with a Storage sign at the entrance. Go right and jump over the desk, crawl to left and you will be inside e a fenced area. Look at the computer desk for the trading card.

24. Bastet

Last of Us Trading Card Location 24

After breaking the big red door in the Tunnels, walk to the right end towards a crash compartment. Exit from the right door and walk towards left. Crawl down below another crash compartment, and check in the left corner.

25. Mortem

Last of Us Trading Card Location 25

In the theater go straight towards the main desk, and break the glass of the cabinet. The card is on the lower shelves.

26. Beyond

Last of Us Trading Card Location 26

This trading card is also in the Theater, go upstairs and turn right. Walk to the end and in the right corner below an upside-down sofa, you will find the trading card.

27. The Nighthawk

Last of Us Trading Card Location 27

During the mission when Ellie and Joel were on a Museum trip you will be in an area with giant Dinosaurs skeleton. Go right and look on the bench, you will find a trading card.

28. Saura

Last of Us Trading Card Location 28

In the same Museum, Joel and Ellie will stop at a locked door. Joel will help Ellie to jump to the other side, on right you will see the Natural History Center. Continue towards the open area where you will see some wolves attacking a moose statue. Look on the right of the entrance, the trading card is below the bench.

29. Wachumero

Last of Us Trading Card Location 29

This is right at the beginning of Hillcrest, after the cutscene when you have the control backs. Turn around from Hillcrest Road sign and jump in the huge crack of the broken road. There is a car inside, break the glass and collect the Trading Card.

30. Sahir the Sorcerer

Last of Us Trading Card Location 30

From Ruston Coffee, turn around and walk to the end of the street. Cross the plantation and jump into the huge crack on the road. Climb up and break the glass of the house in front. On the right end corner, there are some boxes look in it for the cards.

31. Naledi the Youthful

Last of Us Trading Card Location 31

In the Hillcrest area while running away from the wolves you will come at the spot where you have to pull down a garbage bin to climb up on the roof. Then jump into the hole in the wall. This room has a workbench and on the left corner look for a cycle. There is a card on its rear wheel.

32. Brainstorm

Last of Us Trading Card Location 32

The trading card is in the dog house, on your way towards the smoke you will have to jump over a wooden wall to reach a white house. The dog house on the left. In the house, you will kill an infected who will drop a bow.

33. Reverb

Last of Us Trading Card Location 33

From the bow arrow practice area when you are back on the streets, walk left. Continue walking till you spot a house on your right which is far from the street. There are a garage down and stairs to the right. Go to the first floor, exit the first room, and enter the bedroom on the left corner of the stairs. Crawl below the bed to grab the trading card.

34. The Austringer

Last of Us Trading Card Location 34

During the mission when young Ellie follows Joel on a short hunting trip both will stop at the streets. Look for Music Center sign on the left, continue walking and jump over the truck. You will reach a hole with a crashed car. The card in on the back seat.

35. Randy Styles

Last of Us Trading Card Location 35

When you reach the Hospital Access Area you have to push a gate to cross it. Go right and climb up, jump to your left that will give you access to a store. Walk towards the exit and look on the last shelf on the right for the trading card.

36. Shift

Last of Us Trading Card Location 36

This card is in the Conference center building, you will come across it during Seattle Day 2. In this devastated building is easy to notice, check the TLOU2 screenshot above for the reference. Find the lift and take the stairs up, jump to the room, and grab the rope. Go to the window and shoot on the glasses. Use the iron bar to swing to the next window. The trading card is on the sofa.

37. Star Sign

Last of Us Trading Card Location 37

Remember the location where you have to fight a few wolves and on the right, there is a gate with a 24 Hours Access sign. On its left look for a truck to climb on the first floor. Look in the drawer in the bedroom next to the bed. The door is on the left of the fridge.

38. Arch Enemy

Last of Us Trading Card Location 38

After finally able to see the hospital building in a cutscene, go right break the glasses of the windows to enter the room. Go all the way down and look for a locked door in the right corner of this room. Walk towards the left of the door on the grass and turn the right turn. You can climb up through the window on the top right. Inside you will find a desk with a shotgun and the trading card.

Guide is under construction we will keep updating new cards location as we found in Last of Us 2.  Do not forget to have a look at the TLOU2 Wiki guide for the latest tips and tricks.