The Last Of Us Part 2 Beginners Guide

In this The Last of Us 2 Beginners Guide, we will answer the important questions you have in mind like the game length, playable character, enemies, character list and more.

Seven years after the release of The Last Of Us, the much-loved action-adventure game by Naughty Dog, comes its sequel The Last Of Us Part 2. The heart-wrenching story of Ellie will take a turn in Part 2 and it’s quite a journey. It’s easily one of the biggest titles releasing this year on PS4 and is earning rave reviews all over. This game has been hugely anticipated by those who have played the predecessor and even those who will play it for the first time. So, in this The Last Of Us 2 Beginners Guide, we will take a look at everything you need to know if you are a beginner in the world of The Last Of Us Part 2.

Beginner’s Guide to The Last Of Us Part II

Let’s take a look at some of the questions you might have about this game.

Who do you play as in The Last of Us 2?

Since Ellie is the main character, you will be playing as her in the major part of the game. Also you will play as Abby. Will you be able to play as Joel in The Last of Us 2? Well, since you mostly played as Joel in the first part, this time around it’s all about Ellie. But the game does start with the player controlling Joel. Update: There seems to be one more playable character further ahead in the story, but we won’t reveal their name since we’d like players to experience the surprise themselves.

Should I play The Last Of Us 1 before The Last Of Us 2?

Since the game relies a lot on emotions and the player’s connection with the characters, it will be best to play The Last of Us part 1 before you start the new game. Only when you experience what they have gone through to reach the current point in the story will you truly enjoy what unfolds next in the continuation of their story. Of course, you can still play only the sequel because it’s a solid game on its own. Make sure to read up on their backstory and watch walkthroughs of the previous game if you want to understand what is really happening. But for maximum impact, it’s recommended to play the first game.

What are the Enemies in The Last of Us Part II?

There are new enemies in this game adding a new layer of difficulty in the game. There is a new species of the infected called the Shambler. To take down the Shambler are quite powerful and can handle a lot of damage. These screeching creatures release acidic clouds when they are hit and are most dangerous when they are near. The way to tackle them would be to attack them from a distance or via traps.

Plus, the Runner, Stalkers and Clickers exist as well. Apart from these, there’s also attack dogs who can sniff Ellie when she’s hiding. This means that your strategy needs to involve more movement than before. If the dogs try to track you down, you can either distract them or keep moving quickly. They also have the advantage of ferociously attacking you from below making them a tough target to shoot. During combat, you have to keep an eye on the human enemies and their dogs which will make for some interesting fights.

Here’s more on the human factions in the game. There’s The Washington Liberation Front aka the Wolves, which is a militant organization. And then there’s the Seraphites, aka the Scars, which is a cult. Both of these factions see nothing wrong in rampant killing of enemies, so they are quite the antagonists in the game. Moreover, the Fireflies, who were present in the first game, might make an appearance in this game too.

How to Heal is The Last Of Us 2?

TLOU2 Healing Tips

Healing is an important factor and you will need a health kit for that. It is ready to use material can be found in houses. To heal press the D-pad UP to select the item. Then hold R2, healing takes time do not use this when you are attacked. A few seconds of animation runs when the character wraps the bandage. One Health Kit will restore 100% health in The Last of Us 2.

How long is The Last Of Us 2?

The game will be around 25 hours to complete but it depends on how you go about it. If you choose a higher difficulty, it will take you longer which can go to almost 30 hours. Your playstyle and strategic approach will determine the Last of Us Part 2 game length. If you consider yourself quite the completionist, then you can expect the game to last for almost 35 hours. Since the sequel has seen quite the expansion compared to the first game, there will be many areas that are optional to explore. So, if you want to make it through each and every bit of the game, it will surely be a massive game overall.

Can Ellie jump in The Last of Us Part 2?

In order to give Ellie the advantage of using the environment better, the ability to jump has been added in the new game. During combat, The Last of Us 2 will include more vertical elements whereas the first game was more horizontal in terms of combat scenarios. This only means more opportunities to be stealthy and new strategies to use to take down enemies.

Ellie can also crawl to move around which will help her navigate through spaces as well as provide a stealth option when needed. Plus, she will also be able to dodge while in a scuffle to avoid damage. This mechanic is surely going to make close-range combat extra exciting.

Is there Multiplayer in The Last of Us II?

Naughty Dog has confirmed that there will be no multiplayer mode in this game.Due to the huge scope of the game and the level of detail that it has, the developers chose to focus on the single-player experience for the sequel.

All Characters in The Last of Us 2

  • Ellie – She is the main protagonist who is now 19. She is a fearless girl ready to take on any and every enemy. In the new game, she has more abilities making her stronger than before. She uses weapons like bows, firearms and more to protect herself from enemies and attack them too. Her stealth has improved in TLOU2 and so has her feeling of vengeance. She is immune from the Cordyceps Brain Infection and has covered up her bite mark with a tattoo.
  • Joel – Joel is another important character in TLOU 2 who is now in his fifties.
  • Tommy – Tommy is Joel’s younger brother who is a former member of the Fireflies.
  • Dina – Dina is Ellie’s friend and has dated Jesse, but they have broken up for reasons unknown.
  • Yara and Lev – Yara is Lev’s older sister who have both left the Seraphites.
  • Jesse – He is Dina’s ex and Ellie’s friend.
  • Emily – Emily is a member of the Seraphites who is keen to rid the world of sin.
  • Nora – Nora is a top member of the Washington Liberation Front.

So, this is our The Last of Us Part 2 Beginners Guide which will help you get started with the game. When more information is revealed, we will update this article. For more updates on the game, complete walkthrough, tips, unlock, collectibles, do not forget to check our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki guide.