The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 10 – Way to Ferris Wheel

You will grab a boat in this part of Last of Us 2 walkthrough, but your path is not easy. There are locked gate, a Flicker Boss and a long journey towards the Ferris Wheel.

In the previous walkthrough of Last of Us Part II, Ellie learned Joel was behind the hospital massacre and she does not seem happy. Upon waking up she finds Jesse who joins her. Go to the main hall and you will find Jesse, he will share a map and the story continues. In this part, I will help you to unlock gates to pass the boat, tips on defeating the Flicker Boss, and finding a way to the Ferris Wheel where you will find the Aquarium.

Seattle Day 3 – Way to Aquarium

It is good to have a friend, in the previous parts Ellie was alone that makes exploration tougher. But now with Jesse, you will be heading towards the Aquarium. And there will be fewer chances of getting lost because of Jesse. Stay with him until you reach a Convention Center. Crawl into the building on your right from the dead end.

Last of Us Part 2 Convention Center

There is a workbench in a blocked room. Look for Trusted Shipping Since 1942 sign, crawl below it and use the workbench for weapon upgrades. There is also a trading card inside, return to the lobby and take the door on left. Help Jesse to push a blockage and follow him through the broken wall. Kill all the guards and cross the building.

The Ferris Wheel

Last of Us Part 2 Ferris Wheel

Enter from the front by breaking the glasses, Jesse will be admiring a Comic Expo poster. After jumping over a van and crawling below the trees, Ellie will spot a Ferris Wheel. It the way to the aquarium and pretty far away. The road is filled with huge potholes, without swimming, you cannot move ahead. Another issue is the infected lurking in the shadowy region. You can hear them clearly, so beware and use the bow and arrow to kill them quietly.

Last of Us Part 2 Ferris Wheel

Fight with few more, jump into the second massive crack in the streets. Swim below the tree, climb to your right towards the blue cloth. Cross the building to be back on the streets. This new section is guarded by WLF guards and dogs. Throw objects to distract the dogs, following your scent it will drag the guard near you.

You can either choose to kill them all or just use the crashed building on right to pass them. Jump into the water and swim below to cross the obstacle. Follow the dirt road on left, another building. Climb up from the left corner and you will see a crack in the wall. There is a workbench, check the mannequin area, in the lobby on the left of the third one you can upgrade your weapons. The objective here is to climb on the top. Do not enter the wall hole, go left inside the first door.

Last of Us Part 2 Ferris Wheel

Climb right and then use the shelves with Sale on it to climb up. Exit from the right broken wall, and you will see a massive building with a crane on its roof. The Ferris Wheel is far in the left corner. The road on the right is used by WLF vehicles, and a boat in the water below.

How to get the Boat?

Follow Jesse, he will take you outside. Getting Boat from the guards is not easy. Jesse and Ellie will climb up using a rope, and spot the boat. Jesse will leave Ellie, he chooses his path to save Tommy at the Marina, while Ellie chooses to go for Abby. Do not go for the boat directly, after jumping into the water swim to the left and kill the guards. There will be many guards, use your Listen Ability to locate them. Kill them one by one using stealth, any guard can alert all others who will charge on you.

If you landed in this situation be ready with a Molotov. Throwing them in between three to four guards will damage each of them. Your next option is a bow and an arrow for a silent kill. When there is no one near the boat grab it and run. The lesser the guards are the easier will escape or else you will be shot from all directions. So killing all WLF soldiers is the best option here. You can quietly drive away, you will need three attempts to turn on the engine.

Last of Us Part 2 Boat

Just follow the water, and you will stop on a dead end. On your right is a building go in and drive the boards towards escalator on left. Then turn right and you can ride over the barbed wires on the left corner. Continue riding downstream and you will stop at a gate. To open the gate just pull the chain on its right.

How to enter the Safe – Before crossing this section there is a safe on the right inside a fenced area. To access the safe from the gate come a little backward and take the first right. Go upstairs and drag the garbage bin on the right. Crawl below the debris and you can now access the safe. The safe code is 70-12-64.

Last of Us Part 2 Boat Ride

Exit this place and continue your journey to the Ferris Wheel. After crossing through buildings, barbed wire gates you will reach a building with lights. Stay far and notice there will be a fight between two groups. You will have to kill all the guards in Kingsgate Brewing Co. Water will be the best hiding place, kill them all in stealth or else you cannot cross the building. You will have to ride your boat below it to go towards the Ferris Wheel. Cross this building and then another one which has a very little gap between left between the roof and water. Once again you will be stopped by a close gate. This arcade area has a workbench and a boss waiting for you.

How to defeat the Flicker Boss

Last of Us Part 2 Boat Ride

Leave the boat at the gate, and go on the top floor. The workbench is on the left corner before the balcony. Do not forget to craft explosives and consumables. Go to the balcony and wall to the end and push the hand trolley from the left towards the door. The floor breaks and Ellie falls right in front of a huge Flicker Boss. In between a single runner will also attack you he will drop ammo. To kill this boss follow the below tips.

Last of Us Part 2 Flicker Boss Fight

  • Use a minimum of three Molotov on the boss to reduce his health.
  • Do not stand in one place and while he attacks to dodge.
  • Kill the runner first or else you won’t survive.
  • Around three bullets on the head or body are enough to kill the boss.
  • The best weapon to kill the Flicker Boss is a Shotgun.

Last of Us Part 2 Arcade Boss

If you are having upgraded weapons and enough explosives this fight will be short. To return back on top after defeating the boss look for a small desk and a blocked shutter door behind it. Cross the shop and the stairs will lead you back to the balcony area, look on the left corner.

Last of Us Part 2 Arcade Gate

Interact with the metal pipe to remove the blockage, jump down and pull the chain on the left to unlock the gate. You will be now in the ocean, among bigger waves. The boat will stop and while trying to start the engine Ellie falls in the water. Swim towards the Ferris Wheel and you are back on the ground.

Road to the Aquarium

Last of Us Part 2 Acquarium

The mission is straight forward you will have to cross the playground area to find Abby. Cross through the boat and look on the backside of a snail. At the corner before stairs, there is a broken fence door. Climb left and you will be inside the aquarium. A crack in the wall will allow you to enter an empty pool. Use the stairs in it to go up and then jump down. There is a water filter room on the right, but the door to exit this is locked. On the opposite of the door look for a broken vent, crawl through it and you will be ready to face a dog.

Walk towards the operation room and turn left behind the whiteboard. Turn right and you will find a door with Crab on it, unlock and a cutscene starts. You will see Own and his wife talking about something. But Ellie intervenes and things take a bad turn. Thankfully a few friends are there to help. This is where our walkthrough ends, we will continue to help you in playing Last of Us Part 2 in our Walkthrough Part 11. For more latest tips and tricks, guide, complete Lat of Us 2 Walkthrough check our TLOU2 Wiki guide.