The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 9 – Finding Nora

Ellie finally reaches the hospital, she will have to find Nora to learn more about Abby's hideout. The final cutscene in this chapter also reveals a twist.

In the previous walkthrough of Last of Us Part II, Ellie was able to reach the hospital. Inside she will have to find Nora. The path was not easy, on your way you will have to deal with a lot of WLF enemies and this is where the after long exploration the game comes to some conclusion.

Where is Nora?

After killing the woman in the basement area, go upstairs. The Hospital in Last of Us 2 is heavily guarded. Two guards will block your way in the grassy area, that your hideout. Use the plantation to stealth kill them. There are guards in tents, a brow and arrow is the best thing to use it. If you are shooting the head, shoot a bit above, the arrows are pulled by gravity.

Some guards are above containers, do kill them first because they can spot you easily. The problem with the inner part of this building is guards are behind the trucks and in isolated spots, you will have to scan the area properly using the Listen ability. Because of too many guards, stealth kill is the best for.

Finding Nora Last of Us 2

Quietly proceed towards the reception, continue to the lobby on the exact opposite of the desk. Cross the medical research and unlock the door on the left end. But beware of patrolling guards around, go upstairs. On the left where the lobby ends there is a room with a broken vent door. Climb up, if you see cockroaches then you are in the right direction.

Finding Nora Last of Us 2

You will see Nora through the vent talking to one of the guards below. Exit the vent and take the door on the right end of the lobby. This will trigger a cutscene where Ellie finally finds Nora in the hospital. Nora tells Ellie she was shocked by Joel’s death and tricks to run away. This is where the fight begins, this is the best place to have a multiple-choice question.

Start chasing Nora, and stop when she locks you at the door. Break the glass on right and then break another one to get out. In a hall there is a guard with a weapon, you can ignore it and continue running behind Nora. There are enough things to cover yourself, just keep running. After crossing a huge lobby run left in the darkroom, and take the left door at the dead end.

Nora will tackle you after jumping over the lift area, a few punches and she will run again. Break the door, in a cutscene, you will see Ellie jumps down. This is where you are in a room with three guards. Nora escapes once again. The best way to kill them is to call the Flickers, throw a bottle behind the guards and they will be attacked. You can run towards the door after the guards run away.

Nora is easy to find, go to Medical Records, and follow the red light. Follow the coughing sound, Nora will be lying near a door. The next scene is pretty violent, when Nora chooses not to answer you have to hit Square when it is displayed on the screen to hit her. This is where the Hospital Part ends, Ellie returns back to the theater. She tells Dina and Jesse about Abby’s hideout which is an aquarium.

Saint Mary’s Hospital – 2 Years Earlier

Last of Us Part 2 Hospital Bag

The switches to a flashback, a memory from 2 years earlier in the same place, the Hospital. At the end of the lobby next to the Firefly, logo is an operation theater. There is a bag at the north end of this room, it has a tape recorder with a message. This is the place where Joel saved Ellie, the cutscene you saw at the very start of the game. Joel reveals Ellie what he did and she is not happy with the same. Last of Us Part 2 Seattle Day 2 ends here.

We will continue with our walkthrough in the Last of Us Part 2 chapter 10 where Jesse will help Ellie. And also checkout TLOU2 Wiki guide for more updates.