The Last of Us Part II – How to Survive Guide

Tips on how to stay alive in Last of Us Part 2, here are some important tips to survive the dangers of post-apocalyptic world.

The Last of Us Part II can be tough at some points, and it all relies on how you survive. This game is not just about dealing with infected zombie type monsters. Driven by revenge our human friends are not so human. To offers you a kick starts here are some top survival tips to stay alive in The Last of Us Part II. Starting with choosing the right difficulty settings, there are some core things to know first. This game can shift to another level of difficulty in an instant.  It is can be hectic to be composed all the time, but with these cool tips, you can survive and make your way to the climax.

Select the Right Difficulty:

TLOU2 Difficulty Settings

The Last of Us Part 2 can be very challenging if you under-estimated the difficulty levels. Choose the right difficulty that can give you a decent challenge. Best to begin with Moderate difficulty or light if you want to explore the game. The amount of resources changes based on difficulty. For example in Easy you can easily find a lot of resources lying around. But this will be rare in tougher difficulty level. TLOU2 allows you to adjust difficulty levels for different options like Enemies, Allies, Stealth, etc. You can adjust from Very Light to Survivor for each separately.


TLOU2 Crafting

Resources like ammos, supplements, and Metal parts are scare in Last of Us 2. So do not waste the, also it requires some effort to find them. Scanning every corner of a house can be boring. But thanks to the TLOU2 accessibility feature you can turn on an option to automatically detect the items. Check our guide – How to use Listen Ability to find ammos and metal parts. Store your resource and use Stealth Kill whenever possible. You can kill a lot of enemies in stealth.

Know your Enemy:

TLOU2 Enemies Type

It is good to learn about the type of enemy you are going to attack. For example Runners, the most common infected. They are easy to kill with Stealth, one attack and they are done for the day. So if you find too many clickers around take them one by one without drawing attention. Also you can use the Throw Attack, stun the enemies first and then one strike kill. But if there is a Flicker around avoid the Runners. Take down the Flicker first, they are drawn by the sound and can spoil your party. Bloaters are big ones, stay away their acid attack can empty your health bar. Humans are easy kill, but you cannot hide the bodies like Days Gone. You can use bottles and bricks to distract them and end their misery in a isolated place.

Shambler is another tough enemy in Last of Us Part 2, if you find one use explosives. You have to match your weapon with the type of enemy you are dealing with. Place trap mines to kill tougher enemies. Avoid using the same tactics that you use on Flickers or Humans. It will not work, you have to change your approach of attack depending on who is in front of you.

Always be Ready To LISTEN:

TLOU2 Listen Ability

Last of Us Part 2 offers some special abilities to the characters. Listen is the only ability that can help you to track down enemies location. An expanded version of this ability allow you to do more. Like tracking down collectibles. But it is best to use this ability whenever possible, there is no cool-down period or any kind of restriction. Using Listen you can scan the area and see if monsters are lurking in the shadows.


TLOU2 Scavenging

Resources are scare in Last of Us Part 2, before leaving a spot check all the corners and every room. Try to collect all possible supplements, ammos and item parts. You can start crafting consumable right on the spot while to upgrade weapons you will need a work bench. So keep checking out all draws, corners, kitchens, living rooms, and collect whatever you can find. Check bodies after killing them, you can get ammos and other items. Always keep the consumables ready in the item wheel.

Save Game:

You can manually save Last of Us Part 2 and continue back from the same point. Or else if you exit you will be thrown to the last check point. Whenever you unlock something or deal with a boss save the game through menu. This will help you to preserve your progress. Also if you clear up a area filled with infected you do not have to play that again. This also help you to save your collectibles.

Run Away:

Avoid getting into a brawl head to head, if you find things are tough run away. There are many alternate routes in the game. You can return back in stealth and take down the enemies. You will not be chased, so if you loose a lot of health or not sure of attacking just run away. Return in stealth and plan your attacks. It is a tough game, you won’t stand a chance if you are ambushed.


TLOU2 Safe Codes

Unlock every safe you can find in The Last of Us Part 2. They can have supplements and training manuals. Training manuals are required to unlock skills. You can check our guide on All Safe Codes, finding safes won’t be tough. As you progress in the story keep looking and unlock new skills, weapons, supplies and ammos. 

Last of Us Part 2 is having mixed reviews, the big issue is players who haven’t played the game are bombing the internet with fake reviews. This is not going to really affect the overall game reputation but is this a PR stunt?  Hope our Last of Us Part 2 survival tips will help you in understanding various aspects of the game. We have a ton of tips and tricks for the game in our Last of Us Part II Wiki guide.