The Last of Us 2 Exploration Guide – 4 Best Tips To Follow

You will spend a lot of time exploring in Last of Us 2, in the massive city of Seattle things are not simple. Read our Last of Us 2 Exploration guide to learn about important tricks to use while you are outside.

In the Last of Us 2, there will be a lot of time when you are not in a safe house or in the camp. Staying outside means challenges to survive. Collecting items, scavenging ammo’s and metal parts will be a common thing. It is necessary to be proper for what is coming ahead, that is why our Last of Us Part 2 Exploration Tips guide will help you. In this article, we discuss six major things you must always remember and do while exploring the regions. This will help you to remain upgraded and prepared for all incoming infected bosses fights or WLF guards.

1. Metal Parts, Medkits, Supplements, Common Locations:

Other than weapons and ammo in Last of Us 2 has metal parts, medkits, supplements, etc are the most common things you will find. But you must scan every corner before you leave those places. Houses have items in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. A lot of supplies are in the warehouse and storerooms. There are safely hidden in stores like the one in the Grocery Store that can give you a high amount of supplements. So do not forget to check everywhere. If you are finding this hard then there is a cheat to detect items through Listen Ability. Just check the link to know more.

2. Remember Workbenches and be ready to craft

Workbenches allow you to upgrade your weapons. Each weapon upgrade will cost some Metal Parts, so when you spot one upgrade your weapons. Add more ammo capacity and damage to get the best out of it. For example a bolt rifle, you can add a scope and upgrade this weapon for higher damage. Then comes crafting, thankfully you don’t need any kind of crafting table for this. Ellie can craft on the go, so keep scavenging metal parts. Go to craft menu and craft consumables, explosives, ammos, arrows, etc.

Crafting will also help you to increase Melee weapons power, but for that, you will need to find Training Manuals. There are total of 10 Training Manuals that will let you unlock new Skills in the Last of Us 2. Do not forget to check corpses, tanks, dead enemies for supplies.

3. Focus on Stealth

The runners can be annoying they are driven towards the sound. So try to focus only on Stealth Mode, practice this as much as possible. It is a slow game, not like you can pull out your gun machine and shoot down anyone in your way. WLF enemies, flickers, etc everyone is lurking in corners. Use Listen Ability to find their location and use stealth attack to preserve ammo. Also, you remain undetected by other enemies.

4. Collectibles are good

If you love to explore then you are going to find a lot of collectibles in the game. There are game cards, letters, etc. Ellie also updates her journal as she finds new spots. It is a good treat to find these collectibles hidden somewhere in the corners. Anyhow you are going to explore a lot so why not scan for collectibles.

Along with this, you can save your game progress whenever you want to avoid loss of items. The game demands a lot of patience it is not like you can finish it up in a day or two. Do not forget to have a look at the TLOU2 Wiki guide for the latest tips and tricks.