How To Sprint (Run Fast) In The Last Of Us 2?

Running or Sprinting will help you escape enemies easily. Here's how to run in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us Part 2 is all about surviving the horrors of the world, grabbing resources and killing unsuspecting enemies. But sometimes, the encounter can turn into complete chaos, giving you the only option left: to run for your life. Here, you have to make the wise decision of running from your enemies instead of attacking them head-on. Of course, in this case, walking normally will get you in trouble easily. To help you out, we will show you how to sprint in The Last of Us 2.

How to Sprint in The Last of Us 2?

If you want to ensure that there is some distance between you and your enemy, press and hold the L1 button. This will make your character run from the damage inflicted by the enemies. In this game, though, there is also an Accessibility Feature of remapping the controls, so you can change the button as per your requirement.

Note that if it’s possible to kill some enemies stealthily, don’t run. Because running will alert them of your presence and let them know of your location as well. So, most of the time, try for stealth kills and take enemies out like that in order to save your ammo. Choose to run only when things get overwhelming. Luckily, Ellie runs faster than Joel so sprinting does come in handy, especially when you are trying to escape an incoming Shambler.

This is everything you need to know about how to sprint in The Last of Us 2. For more useful tips and tricks, check out our The Last of Us Part 2 Wiki Guides.