Last of Us 2 All Weapon Locations Guide – Pistol to Flamethrower

Here are all twelve weapons locations in Last of US 2 that includes Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Bow, Crossbow, Flamethrower and a SMG.

Weapons in The Last of Us 2 are highly crucial, the better on you have the strength you can face enemies. Either they are human or infected the game will be a little forgiving no matter what difficulty you are playing. Talking about weapons you will start with a Pistol and Rifle. Soon you will find a Shotgun and stronger weapons like a Flamethrower or a Sub Machine Gun. To save your time here is the list of all weapons and where to find them in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2 Weapons List:

  1. Semi-Auto Pistol
  2. Bolt-Action Rifle
  3. Revolver
  4. Pump Shotgun
  5. Bow
  6. Military Pistol
  7. Semi-Auto Rifle
  8. Hunting Pistol
  9. Double Barrel Shotgun
  10. Crossbow
  11. Flamethrower
  12. Silenced Submachine Gun

TLOU2 Semi-Auto Pistol Location:

This is the default weapon you will start with. Along with a knife, when Jesse arrives to collect Ellie for patrolling duty she packs this in her bag. The first free weapon in Last of Us Part 2.

TLOU2 Bolt-Action Rifle Location:

The file will be obtained during the patrol when Ellie and Dine were on their way to scan the lookout tower. You will find this weapon on a dead animal, check our Last of Us Part 2 Walkthrough for more details.

TLOU2 Revolver Location:

After Abby’s tragedy, Ellie and Dina visit Joel’s house. In this room, Ellie founds a box with Joel’s cloth and weapon. That weapon is the revolver. So this one is also very easy to find in the game.

TLOU2 Pump Shotgun:

Shotgun is the Seattle, before unlocking East Gate 2 on your way to find gas for the generator the weapon is inside a bank. You can read our guide on shotgun to find the exact spot, it is a strong weapon and its ammo can be found in military tanks.

TLOU2 Bow:

The bow will be unlocked when you are done with Seattle Day 1. In Seattle Day 2 on your way after setting a black smoke, you will enter a building through the garage. For the first time, you will fight a new type of infected and after killing it you can collect the bow from his body.

TLOU2 Military Pistol:

The weapon belongs to Abby during the Stadium chapter. A part of a story mission you can obtain this weapon as you progress. So this is like an unmissable weapon in Last of Us 2.

TLOU2 Semi-Auto Rifle:

In the same mission as Abby, you will obtain the rifle while progressing through the storyline. In the Stadium chapter you will be in a military base, just follow the objectives and you will find this weapon.

TLOU2 Hunting Pistol:

Once again playing as Abby later in the game in the chapter you will reach a room with boat hanging on the ceiling. After coming down you will find Manny look for MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center. You can enter this building via a crack in the wall and find the safe that has the pistol. The code to unlock the safe is 17-38-07.

TLOU2 Double Barrel Shotgun:

As Abby in the chapter Hostile Territory, you will be in the Chinatown area. Follow the path with shops on the left and reach the last one. Go upstairs and fight a few flickers. Then jump to the streets and look for a hole in the floor. Jump into the shop and scan the corners, this weapon is easy to miss but if you look carefully you can find it.

TLOU2 Crossbow:

Crossbow is a part of the story line, as Abby when you are in the chapter The Coast just follows the regular objectives. You will unlock the Crossbow during the missions.

TLOU2 Flamethrower:

Now this one is an exciting weapon and if you think you are going to miss this then do not worry. It is also a part of a regular mission during the chapter the Descent. You can find this in many places but the easiest one is when you follow the mission objectives. As Abby, you will be forced to grab the weapon to unlock a door. Also, it will appear on different spots during the mission.

TLOU2 Sub-machine Gun:

During the Resort chapter, you can find this weapon while following the main story. So there is nothing worry much about this weapon, it is a part of the story you will grab it later while playing as Ellie.

That’s it this is how you can find all twelve weapons in Last of Us Part 2. Do not forget to have a look on TLOU2 Wiki guide for latest tips and tricks.