All Parts and Supplements Location In The Last of Us 2 In Chapters 11-15

Parts and Supplements in The Last of Us 2 are used to upgrade your weapons or your character skills. Here are all parts location for easy upgrades in tlou2.

Parts and Supplements in The Last of Us 2 are some of the most important elements in the game, not only they upgrade your weapons or your character skills but they also give you new avenues to take down your opponents.

The Last of Us 2 is set in a very brutal world and you will have to be on your toes all the time. If you want to know the location of each and every Part and Supplement available in The Last of Us 2, read this guide until the end.

Here are all Parts and Supplements Location In TLOU 2

It makes sense to equip yourself with some of the best gears and then to upgrade it even further. As you explore, you will find Supplements that will unlock more skills that you can use in the game.

As you progress, you will learn that you heavily rely on these skills, so it is a safe bet to learn them early on and then get used to them as you progress.

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Chapter 11: Capitol Hill Parts and Supplements

i. 1 Part

As soon as the chapter begins, you should go to the first house you see on your right. The house will be marked with a 3 above its door. You can find the solo part in the kitchen drawer.

ii. 8 Supplements and 3 Parts

You will have to find another house with a number above the door and all you need to look for is the number 6. Once you enter it, you will find things in the downstairs bathroom, in the upstairs bathroom, and the upstairs bedroom.

iii. 9 Supplements

Find the Motel Apartment with the open door, on the ground floor itself you will find the Supplements.

iv. 15 Parts and 3 Supplements

There is a green dumpster beside the Motel, move the dumpster beneath the white balcony, and then climb to the balcony using the dumpster. Inside the apartment, you will find supplies in the washing machine room, in the bathroom, and on the bed.

v. 14 Parts and 8 Supplements

After you have cleared out the apartment, exit, and find the gas station garage, you will find a few human enemies that you need to take out but inside is a small treasure that comes handy.

vi. 3 Supplements

Right across from the gas station garage, you should see a small bookstore. Get ready for a fight as there are a few infected here, but you will find the Supplements inside the bathroom.

vii. 8 Parts and 9 Supplements

Proceed further until you see a store named Olive Street Market. Search the shelves for parts inside the locker room and you will find the supplements behind the cash register. This place is filled with danger so it is important that you be careful here.

viii. 6 Supplements

Go to the Bank of Meridian building which is exactly behind Olive Street Market. You will need to finish off the human enemies beforehand.

ix. 22 Supplements

Get ready for another fight but the pay off is worth it, find the Bagel Bros Building, and clear them out one by one. When you get to explore it, search for the Supplements on the ground floor in a shelf at the bar, on the top floor inside the copy room, and more on the top floor table near the exit.

x. 7 Supplements

A brief cutscene appears showing a dead horse and Dina puking, this cutscene is quickly followed by an area scattered with land mines. There is a shop on the left, inside the safe you will find what you’re looking for. Open up the safe by entering this code: 55-01-33.

Chapter 12: Channel 13 Parts and Supplements

i. 7 Parts

As soon as the Chapter starts you will see a Channel 13 News Van nearby, search in the back to get the parts. Do this before you enter the TV Station.

ii. 12 Supplements

When you’re inside the TV Station, go to the first floor and find a side room. You will find your parts at the end of this room. Do this before climbing through the air duct hole.

iii. 15 Parts

You will also come across the News Room this will have a lot of cameras here. Find the parts at the control booth, you will find them on the floor.

iv. 10 Supplements

Find Lead’s dead body and you will find the Supplements nearby.

Chapter 13: The Tunnels Parts and Supplements

i. 12 Supplements

You will have an encounter with the clickers after this you and Dina will open up a train door and enter the compartment. Search carefully through the train and you will find the Supplements here.

ii. 7 Parts

After the sequence where you are required to crawl under the train, you will enter a room with red lights on and have to climb up the ladder. After this go to the side room to your right to find a workbench and parts here after this, you can pick up the yellow cable to jump across.

iii. 8 Supplements

As soon as you have used the yellow cable to jump, check the room to your right.

iv. 12 Parts

Here for the first time, you will come up against the Bloaters, and after defeating them you will have to go through a chain gate. Enter the first room to your right and you should see a fenced area that you can crawl underneath the desk to get to.

v. 15 Supplements

A few fights later, you will find yourself at a metro station. Go through the first blue train that you see and then check behind the train to find Supplements.

Chapter 14: The Theater Parts and Supplements

i. 9 Supplements

When you get to the theater, search the ground floor, and find the bathroom.

ii. 4 Parts

You can get more parts in the Projection room on the first floor inside the same theater.

iii. 6 Parts

Get to the roof of the theater by climbing the ladder outside. You will find a room where you have to power on the generator, you will find the parts in the same room.

Chapter 15: The Birthday Gift Parts and Supplements

There are no Parts or Supplements to be found in this chapter.

That’s about it, these are all the parts and supplements that you can find in The Last of us 2 Chapters 11-15, make sure to check out where to find more of these supplies in Chapter 16-20 right here. To know all the secrets and hidden easter eggs in TLOU2 do check our Wiki Guide.