The Last of Us 2 Barko’s Pet Store Key & Unlock Gun Holster

There a gun holster in Barko's Pet Store but it is locked and to open it you will need a store key. Check this guide for the key location.

Barko’s Pet Store is locked and it has some supplies and a gun holster. You can add an additional side-arm slot by grabbing the holster, but first, you will need to find the pet store key in Last of Us 2. In this guide, I will share the exact location with the map screenshot. Using the reference images you can travel to the first location to grab the key and then return to the pet store to collect your rewards.

Where to find Barko’s Pet Store Key?

Last of Us 2 Barko Key Location

The store key is in Ruston Coffee Shop. Little away from the pet store, use the map screenshot above to reach the spot. The key is in the toilet, just go straight and you will find the room. Grab the key and return back to the pet store. You can see both the locations on the map. They are not far from each other, the problem can be broken roads but do not worry it is easy to find.

Back at the pet store go the right side following a red arrow. Unlock the door and check this area well for supplies. The holster is on the desk in the shop. It is a big area to check with different things. And if you are looking forward to carrying an additional weapon then unlocking this store will help you in the Last of Us part 2.

Last of Us 2 Gun Holster

The process to find the key is extremely simple, all you need is to go to the coffee shop grab the key, and return back to the store. Grab the holster and you can now carry two pistols. It is highly useful during combat because Ammos is shot. Slowly as you progress you will unlock more weapons. There is still a lot more to discover, and this where our Last Of Us Part II wiki guide can help. This guide has an extensive set of tips and tricks, unlocks, complete game walk-through, and a lot more.