The Last Of Us Part 2 Combat Tips – 5 Tricks To Win Every Battle

Many missions in Last of Us Part 2 are challenging, just follow our tips to deal with infected, bosses and wlf guards. Double your survival chances.

The Last Of Us Part 2 can be tiring, as Ellie, you will either be running or hiding. There are enemies all around, there are infected and human enemies both hunting down the girl. So here focusing on how to fight is important, which is where our Combat Tips will guide you. You can use our best combat-related tips and tricks to deal with infected as well as guards in Last of Us 2. With this, we are also providing links to various other guides that will help you to survive longer and complete missions.

5 Combat Tips Last of Us 2

We broke down five core aspects of combat, these will always help you in all kind of fights.

Listen Ability:

You are going to learn this very soon in the game. Listen Ability allows you to know enemies’ location in advance. You can also find scent trails that can let a dog chase you. So be ready to always use this ability in Last Of Us Part 2. It is a crucial part of combat and a very handy ability without any cool-down or limitations.

Stealth Killing:

Stealth Killing is always the safest method in Last of Us Part 2. It is a way to take down enemies without wasting bullets and making a sound. It works both on infected and humans, but not on bosses. Always sneak from behind and with one strike you can kill an enemy.


You can throw bottles and bricks on enemies. You have to be quick in this, throwing objects will help you to stun enemies. Run towards them and press Square for a one-strike hit. Once again an amazing move to take down enemies with minimum efforts.

Crafting Explosives:

You will unlock a lot of crafting branches during the start of the game. Crafting will allow you to fill up your inventory with consumables, arrows, etc. The best part is the explosives. Craft Molotov’s and Trap Mine. Place them in stealth mode in case you are chased they won’t have a chance to stand. So craft explosive and keep them filled always because explosives are best to kill bosses and multiple enemies together in Last of Us 2.

Upgrading Weapons & Skills:

Before Weapons go with Skills, both require different items for upgrades. Weapons requires Metal Parts while Skills require Supplements. On exploration look for metal parts and supplements. Be wise to upgrade things do not just go for anything. A well-balanced upgrade for weapons and skills will take you long in the game. To help you we have two guides that will help you to get a list of all upgrades and their cost. This will help you choose the best skills and weapon upgrades in the Last of Us 2.

  1. Cost Of All Weapon Upgrades – 12 weapons and 35 Upgrades
  2. All Players Skills Upgrades – 10 Skills and total supplements require to unlock all.

The above combat tips will help you to be in the game for a longer time. Always be ready to run away in case you have no way to fight. You can return back and face the enemies in Last of Us Part 2. Do not forget to go through our TLOU2 Wiki guide for more tips and tricks.