Phasmophobia Wiki Guide: Tips, Cheats, Strategy, Item Guide & More

Learn how to gather evidence, find ghost types and more in Phasmophobia. Make your ghost hunting experience even better with these tips and tricks.

In this Phasmophobia wiki guide, you will see lots of tips, cheats and strategies to find evidence and discover the ghost type haunting the location. You need to know about various items, equipment, how they work and how to use them to your advantage. If you don’t use the correct strategies, the ghost will attack you and even kill you. Yes, there are consequences of entering the area of paranormal entities. For all the best tips for beginners and advanced players, check out this Phasmophobia Wiki Guide.

Phasmophobia Wiki


Learn how to use items correctly, how to gather evidence and everything related to surviving your ghost hunting missions.

Beginners Guide – How To’s

  1. Find Evidence And Use It: Gathering evidence is crucial to determine the ghost. Here’s how to do it.
  2. How to Clear the Training Tutorial: Here’s how to do it.
  3. Anger Ghosts: Want to anger the ghost you are dealing with? Do it this way.
  4. Disable Car Alarms: Use this trick to turn off car alarm.
  5. Set Up Mic: You need to set up your microphone correctly to talk to other players and ghosts.
  6. Find Ghost Orb: Find this easy way to detect it.
  7. Get More Maps: Read this guide on how to add more maps.
  8. Open Doors: You can unlock doors by following these simple steps.
  9. Discover Ghost Type: Find out which type of ghost is haunting the location.
  10. Hide During Hunting Phase: Not being alert during this phase can get you killed.
  11. Ghost Types Wiki: Here are all the ghost types and their strengths, weaknesses and the evidence you need for each of them.
  12. How To Play And Win: Useful tricks that can help you win.
  13. Find the Ghost Room: Know how to discover the room where the ghost resides.
  14. Phasmophobia Money Guide: How To Get Insurance & Infinite Money
  15. Phasmophobia Cheat Codes Guide: All the Phasmophobia cheats that will get you major advantages.
  16. Level Up: Not sure how to level up? Read this guide to know.
  17. Talk To Ghosts Using Voice Chat: Have a conversation with the paranormal entities.
  18. Get Dirty Water: It is a sign of ghostly activity but how to get it?
  19. Play With Friends: Team up with friends in a Private lobby and play this psychological horror game together.
  20. Where to Find the Ouija Board location: Where should you look? Find out here.
  21. How to Use Bone Evidence: This is how to find Bones and get Bone evidence.
  22. How to Witness a Ghost Event: Want to know how to do it? Read this guide.
  23. Best Tips and Tricks to Win: Here are some lesser-known tips you can use.
  24. Phasmophobia Trigger Words: This list of phrases can increase ghost activity.

Your Questions Answered

  1. What Happens When Sanity Reaches 0: Learn about sanity levels and find out what happens when it reaches zero.
  2. What To Do When You Are Dead: Well, you turn into something. Know about it in this guide.
  3. Can You Play Phasmophobia On Mac? Get the answer right here.
  4. Do Footprints Count As Fingerprints? Are they considered the same or are they different?
  5. How Does Sanity Work: Read this guide to know the details.
  6. Can You Play With More Than 4 Players? Know about it in this guide.
  7. Can you Play Phasmophobia solo: Get the answer to this question.
  8. How to Check Phasmophobia Server Status: Learn if Phasmophobia is down or not.
  9. Play Phasmophobia in VR: Know all the basics!
  10. Will Phasmophobia Player models be Improved? The answer is in the guide.
  11. What is the New Ghost Model? Does it crawl? Find out!

Phasmophobia Wiki Item Guide: How to Use Equipment

  1. Phasmophobia Items Guide: How To Use Every Item
  2. Motion Sensor: Use the Motion Sensor to detect, well, motion.
  3. Sound & Infrared Sensors: Step by step guide on how to use Sensors.
  4. Salt Guide: Here’s how to use salt in Phasmophobia and what it is used for.
  5. Parabolic Microphone: This is what the Parabolic Microphone can be used for.
  6. Thermometer: Learn what is freezing temperature and how to use this particular item.
  7. How To Take Photo Of Ghost: Here’s how to take a picture of the ghost with a camera.
  8. Use Flashlight On Shoulder: See in the dark with a flashlight while trying not to be absolutely terrified.
  9. Ouija Board: Learn how to use this creepy tool.
  10. Drop Items: Dropping items is important to manage your inventory slots.
  11. Pick up Items: Here’s how to pick ’em all up!
  12. Spirit Box: Know how to use the Spirit box to talk to ghosts.
  13. Write In Journal: Find out how to make the most of your journal.
  14. Set up Video Camera: This is how you can catch the ghost.
  15. Light & Use Smudge Sticks: These sticks will benefit you a lot so you need to know how to light them during times of need.
  16. Crucifix: And no, waving it in front of the ghost won’t work. This is how to actually use it.
  17. How to Use IR Flashlight: This item will help you see the ghost’s fingerprint.
  18. How to Get All Photo Rewards: Find out which photos count.

Error Fixes & Troubleshooting Guides

  1. Fix Loading Screen Stuck At 90 Percent: Find out how to fix this annoying error.
  2. Fix Voice Chats And Microphone Issues: Get the solutions for these issues.
  3. How To Fix Game Does Not Exist Or Server Version Mismatch Error: If you are getting this error, then this solution guide is for you.

This was our Phasmophobia wiki guide featuring tips, tricks, cheats, beginners guides and more. As we add more topics, we will surely update this article. Make sure to bookmark it so that you can come back here and search for the content you are looking for.