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Phasmophobia: How To Use Parabolic Microphone

Want to use the Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia but don't know what it is good for? Find out here.

There are a lot of tools that you can use in order to detect the ghost. We have already covered the important tools that you need to utilize like the crucifix, smudge sticks, thermometer and more. Keeping these handy and knowing how to use them will surely give you an upper hand to gather evidence and discover the ghost without getting killed. The Parabolic Microphone is one such item that you need to know how to use. So, if you are curious, here’s how to use the Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia.


How to Use the Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia


The Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia is ideal to check for sound through walls and longer distances in bigger maps. It costs $50 and you can carry 2 maximum. Any reading above 2 can be considered as paranormal activity whereas those readings of under 1 could be other noises of surroundings. Since the microphone is very sensitive, it can detect atmospheric disturbances as well.

While you are using the Parabolic Microphone, make sure that your teammates are quiet and don’t make extra noises using objects. That’s because the reading will get affected by it. You might think there’s activity in a particular room when there’s not. It is a good item but kind of buggy at the time of writing. With this in hand, you can move around the map saying “Give Me A Sign” repeatedly.

Next, you can show the other players your reading and compare them. Instead of relying on it totally, you can use other pieces of evidence to finalize the suspected Ghost room as a team. This item would be useful in the Asylum map so try it out there if you want to understand how it works.

That’s all we’ve got on how to use Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia. For more such useful tips and tricks, check out our Phasmophobia guides right away.


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