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How to Get More Maps in Phasmophobia

Here's a complete guide on how to add more maps in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is one of the most talked-about video games right now. There are various reason why people are loving Phasmophobia and of them is its interesting maps. You must have noticed that Phasmopbhobia offers only a few maps each time you go to start a game. If you want to explore a lot more maps in Phasmophobia then here we have a guide on how to get more maps in the ghost hunting horror game.

How to Get More Maps in Phasmophobia

Majority of things or maps are locked behind your character’s level in Phasmophobia. Once you managed to level up and reach higher stages, you will get more maps added to your available pool. Notably, we have said ‘Pool’ because you would not be able to pick from a full list of maps available to you. Instead, whenever you create a match, you will be shown only a few maps to choose from that you have unlocked. Here’s a complete list of maps in Phasmophobia:

Phasmophobia Map List

  • Street House 1
  • Street House 2
  • Farm House 1
  • Farm House 2
  • Road House
  • High School
  • Asylum

As we have already mentioned above all major maps are locked as you level up and once you reached level 15, all the above-mentioned Phasmophobia maps will be unlocked. So, in order to get more maps in the game, you merely need to keep playing the game. Whenever you complete a mission you will get more XP and level up.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get more maps in Phasmophobia. In case you want to know where to hide during the ghost’s hunting phase, you can check out what you should be doing in our guide. For everything else, read our coverage of Phasmophobia right here:

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