How To Light & Use Smudge Sticks In Phasmophobia

Confused about how to light and use smudge sticks in Phasmophobia? Find out the steps here.

Phasmophobia is a terrifying game and there’s no denying that. But, you do have certain items and tools that you can use to your advantage. Since you will be surrounded by ghosts which will soon enter the Hunting Phase, you need to know how to protect yourself. If you want to know how to light Smudge Sticks and how to use it in Phasmophobia, this guide will explain the step by step process.

Phasmophobia Smudge Sticks: How To Use


In the game, you need to know how to run, how to hide but most importantly, how to drive away a paranormal entity. For this purpose, the Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia will come in real handy. What is its use, you ask? Basically, you can utilize it to protect yourself from the ghost if it is near you and ready to to enter Hunting Phase.

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To use the Smudge Sticks, you must know how to light them first. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Step 1: Equip a lighter
  • Step 2: Turn on the lighter
  • Step 3: Equip the Smudge Sticks
  • Step 4: Press the secondary button that will help you light the Smudge Stick. It can be a key that you have bound yourself but the default is F.

This is one way of using it. There is also another way you can light the Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia. The steps are as follows:

  • Keep the sticks on the ground.
  • Turn the lighter on.
  • Use the lighter.
  • Pick the Smudge Sticks from the ground.

Instead of a lighter, you can also try this with a lit candle.

When is the right time to use them?

You need to use them right when you feel that ghost activity is increasing. This can be understood when lights start to flash or if you hear ghost activity nearby in the form of sound or temperature drop.

Just when the ghost is about to enter hunting mode, you need to use the smudge sticks to buy some time for yourself. You must find a place to hide immediately because the effect of these sticks is temporary. Ghosts won’t attack you while they are burning.

Remember that you can use them until they burn out but re-use is not possible. So keep more than one with you at all times. Also note that while the sticks are burning, you can unequip it and equip some other item too.

Lastly, if an active hunt is happening, these sticks will not stop it. Instead, the ghost will stop chasing you for a few seconds before starting the hunt once again.

So, this is how you can cleanse the area with smudge sticks especially in places like a ghost room. Ward off spooky entities with it and stay safe, even though it is for a little while.

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