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Phasmophobia: How To Hide During Hunting Phase

Where to hide during the hunting phase of the ghost in Phasmophobia? Learn the tips to survive the hunt right here.

As a ghost investigator, your main job is to identify the ghost haunting a particular location by gathering evidence. But these ghosts are not just spooky presences casually spending time in those areas – they can get aggressive, very aggressive. There will be a hunting phase where the Ghost can actually kill you. Hence, it is important to know where to hide during the hunting phase in Phasmophobia because all you can do is hide. Here’s how to do it.

Where to Hide during Hunt in Phasmophobia (Best Ways to Do it)


Unlike the movies, you cannot wave a crucifix in the face of the ghost in Phasmophobia while rebuking it to make it scream. There are certain tactics you need to use before the hunt and during it. We have mentioned a lot of tips and tricks to use smudge sticks, spirit box, ouija board and more in our other guides. But during the actual hunting phase, all you gotta do is hide. You’ll know that this dangerous phase is about to begin when your flashlights or any other lights in the house start flickering. You can also hear sounds like heartbeats after which you need to find a place to hide in about 5 seconds. Yikes!

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Look for the nearest closets or lockers to hide because if you try to run out of the house, it won’t be possible because it will be locked during the hunt. So find a closet or a wardrobe to hide, remember to close the door and make no sound. You can even hide in bathrooms to escape getting murdered by the paranormal entity. Also, turn off your flashlight because you don’t want to give the ghost a special invitation to come towards you.


A good tip is to know exactly where these places are beforehand so that you aren’t clueless about where to go during the actual situation of panic. Try your best because it can get nerve-racking in a haunted house.

How to Survive the Hunting Phase

A few things you need to keep in mind is to not anger the ghost, keep listening for paranormal sounds quietly (being quiet is of utmost importance) and don’t look at its face if you encounter it.


If you want to delay the hunt for a little bit, you can light smudge sticks but it won’t cancel the attack. Make sure every team member is carrying smudge sticks and lighters to buy some time for themselves.

Keep a crucifix in the Ghost room if you want to prevent the hunt but it will be useless if it has already begun. Also make sure to understand the range of the Crucifix, you might need two for bigger rooms. Moreover, keep note of the location where you kept the Crucifix because once it is used up, it will disappear rendering you vulnerable again.

This was all about how to hide in Phasmophobia during the hunting phase. Read our other latest Phasmophobia guides to get more such tricks that you don’t want to miss out.

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