Phasmophobia Items Guide: How To Use Every Item

Everything you need to know about items in Phasmophobia including price, how they work and their uses in ghost hunting.

Being a ghost investigator is not an easy task. Apart from trying to be fearless, searching for clues and collecting evidence, you also have to have some money so that you can use your ghost hunting equipment. Some items you will find during your exploration of the haunted location while some you have to actually pay for. It is best if you don’t jump into the game without knowing what every tool and piece of equipment does, so that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you. Here’s the Phasmophobia Items guide which has the list of tools, their uses and how you can buy some of them.

How to Use Items in Phasmophobia (Items List)

We hope this Phasmophobia items guide will clear your doubts about how each item works and how to use it in your investigations.

Photo Camera

The photo camera is one the most crucial items that you can take to gather evidence. This will fetch you money so make sure to always carry it with you. You can take along 3 photo cameras. If you manage to take finger/foot prints or ghost photos, they will be added in your journal under those categories. That will count towards cash but if you take photos of random evidence, it will remain unlabeled. For prints, you need to light up the area using UV light and then take the picture. You can take pics of fingerprints, footprints, Ouija boards, the actual ghost or its shadow, voodoo dolls, paranormal activities like dirty water in the sink, bone and a dead body of a fellow player. One ghost is sensitive to photos and that’s the phantom so you can actually use it to make it go away.

Video Camera & Tripod


The night vision video camera needs to be set up on a tripod. Once you choose a location to place it, turn it on with a left mouse click. You can also press F to turn it on if you are holding it. This will be useful to see any Ghost Orbs that appear in the room but it is essential to keep the lights off for that. You can bring 6 video cams and 5 tripods. The video camera costs $50 and the tripod costs $25.

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The Crucifix (price $30) will not stop an active hunt but you can stop the ghost from entering that phase. For that, you have to keep it in the ghost’s room. For larger rooms, put two of them. The range is 3 meters for ghosts and 5 meters for the Banshee. Our guide on how to use the Crucifix will help you out if you think it is not working (waving it in the face of the ghost will not work). Try not to keep the crucifix in your hand because you might need it for other important things like the photo camera. Note that one crucifix can avoid two hunts. When you see that the item isn’t there in the location anymore and no one else has taken it, that means the spooky factor is about to rise up!

EMF Reader

The EMF reader (price $45) will detect paranormal activity in front of you. It looks like a small remote control which has LED lights on it. If there is some activity going on or the ghost has touched something in the environment, you can bring the reader near it. It will start beeping continuously and the LED lights will also indicate a strong presence. When the ghost is aggressive, you will get an EMF 5 but that doesn’t mean it is going to attack you. Just know that it is currently annoyed. Max amount you can carry is 2.


A flashlight will help you see better in a dark room and also indicate ghost presence when it starts blinking. At that point, the spirit may be about to enter its hunting phase so you can use smudge sticks to buy time until you find a hiding place. If the Flashlight is in your inventory, you need to press T (default) and you can carry 4.

Similarly, there’s a Strong flashlight which is…a strong and brighter flashlight. That’s pretty much it. You can bring along 4 of these Phasmophobia items as well. Note that you cannot take a normal and strong one at the same time. A good tip is to leave some flashlights around the location to know when a ghost is starting a hunt. This will be handy if you are not carrying one at that point.

Smudge Sticks – Phasmophobia Items

Smudges sticks are an item that you can buy to get some extra time to hide before a hunt. You can carry 4 of these and you need a lit candle or lighter to light them. Here’s our guide on how to light and use smudge sticks. This item costs $25 and the lighter costs $10.



A lighter is also a purchasable item that you can use to get very little light and also to light candles and smudge sticks. With a lit lighter, you can press F to light those items. It costs $10 and you can carry 2.



Serves a similar purpose like the lighter. Luckily, the candle doesn’t extinguish if it is in your hand but it can if you drop this item on the ground. If that happens, use the lighter or another lit candle to light it back up. An interesting thing to note is that your sanity drain will be slower in the dark if you are holding it in active slot. It costs $15 and you can bring up to 4.

UV light

The UV light will let you see fingerprints and footprints of the ghost that you need as evidence. Plus, when the UV light flickers you should understand that a hunt is about to begin or already begun.

Spirit Box

The Spirit Box is a way to talk to ghosts and it costs $50. You can bring up to 2 if this item. We have covered a guide on how to use the Spirit Box as well as the voice commands you need to use to communicate with ghosts. There’s a glitch where you might see “mic not working”, head over to our linked guide to see a solution for that. If the ghost replies to your questions, that is evidence.


With up to 2 Salt containers, you can use them for evidence. You can use salt in ghost infested areas, especially near door entrances, and if it steps on it, you will get footprint evidence. Not all ghosts leave prints though, Wraiths will not have any effect on salt.

Motion Sensor & Sound Sensor – Phasmophobia Items

A motion sensor (price $100) placed on the wall will notify you if a ghost (or even a player) moves in front of it. That is when it will beep and the light will become green. The sound sensor will detect sounds and overall do the same thing as the motion sensor. Place these Phasmophobia items in areas with suspected activity. You can understand which room the sensor is kept in via the Sound Sensor chart. The max amount is 4.

Infrared Light Sensor

When there’s some motion activity, it will get lit up. You won’t get info about it in the truck.


Lower temperatures can indicate presence of a ghost so a thermometer (price $30) is useful to detect that. Simply point it and it will show you the temperature. You can try out various locations for possible presence of spirits. Look for temps below 14 degrees celsius. Apart from this, you will see your own cold breath so that’s another confirmation of ghost presence.

Sanity Pills

You can carry up to 4 Sanity Pill containers with you. When you consume it, you will get 40% sanity restored. Here’s how sanity works in Phasmophobia and its effects.

Ghost Writing Book

Ghosts can be writers too! If it writes in your Ghost Writing Book, it can be solid evidence. Place it in a room and leave it alone. If you keep it right in front of a video camera, you will be able to see it from the truck.

Parabolic Microphone

With the parabolic microphone, you can listen to sound through walls. Use it to detect possible sounds in suspected areas especially in bigger maps.



Useful to light up the surroundings for a bit as well as a UV light. Bring two of these to get unlimited UV light in case you don’t have a UV flashlight with you. You can even drop them to mark things in the map if you don’t want to carry them around.

Head Mounted Camera

This item is a head mounted camera on the player’s head but other the video and photo cameras are more beneficial in terms of cameras.

Ouija Board

You can get this item only while you explore the map, you cannot buy this. We have a guide on how to use the Ouija Board that will help you out.

Voodoo Doll

This will be found in the game on the Farmhouse stages. You will see Voodoo dolls on tables that you can take a photo of. It will give you interaction money but first you must move them a bit and then register a photo. Apart from that, there’s not much known about these Voodoo Dolls.

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This is everything about the Phasmophobia items guide with the list of items and how they work along with prices. Check our other guides on this game to know more such helpful tips and tricks like how to level up.

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