How To Get Dirty Water In Phasmophobia Easily

How to get dirty water in the sink in Phasmophobia & take a photo of it? If you want to know how to complete this objective, read this guide.

One of the objectives you have in this co-op horror game is to take a photo of dirty water in the sink. Many players are curious to know how to complete this task because there are certain requirements to get dirty water. If you want to know how to get it then here’s a guide that will tell you exactly what to do.

How To Get Dirty Water In Sink & Take Photo


As the heading suggests, you first need a sink that you can easily find in the map. Now, if you are wondering how to put dirty water in the sink, the answer is that the ghost will do the work for you. Yes, you have to work together with the spooky entity to complete this objective. Even if you try, you will only make clean water come out of the tap and not dirty water.

So, in order to make the dirty water scenario happen, you need to carry a camera with you inside the haunted location. Enter the bathroom, toilet or kitchen having the sink and stand there with your entire team.

The ghost in the area will get angry since the entire team is together. Talk to the ghost and ask questions like – What is your name? Who are you? When you know the name of the spirit, you must say it over and over again. Basically, you have to make the ghost angrier.

At that point, you can request the spirit to make water flow from the tap. If everything works out well, you will get dirty water in the sink. Immediately take a photo of it because it is crucial evidence.

If there are multiple sinks in the area, then the ghost can turn on the tap elsewhere too. In this case, sound will be your best friend. Quickly head over to that specific room and you will be able to take a photo of it. But that also means that the ghost is right there so be ready for a ghost encounter.

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