Phasmophobia Camera Guide – Easiest Way to Catch a Ghost

In Phasmophobia you will need to place the camera to capture a picture of a ghost. If the camera setup is wrong this task fails. Here is how to complete it easily.

Phasmophobia is a co-op psychological horror game. 4 players join in a match to investigate paranormal activities. They have to visit haunted places and capture images. Using your ghost hunting equipment you can search for evidence of ghosts and complete the various task. The game is quite awesome to play with friends. In one of the tasks, you will have to capture footage of a ghost using a camera. The way to win this task is by placing the camera in the right place. So here is a detailed guide on first how to find the camera in Phasmophobia? and then how to capture an image of a ghost.

Phasmophobia Camera Location

The camera is in the van. Look on the shelves, there are two cameras. Van is found at the very starting area of the game before the investigation. Among the two cameras, one is a larger one. This one is used for recording video. You will be using this camera to complete the task of capturing ghost footage in Phasmophobia.

Press E to collect the video camera, E is the default key to interact with objects in the game. You have the camera now, the next crucial task is to place it well. To help you out I am going to share the exact location where you have to place the camera.

Where to place the camera to capture ghost in Phasmophobia?

Look for an outline of the camera while checking out different nooks and corners. The camera outline indicates the place where you can put the camera. After placing it you can rotate the camera in the right direction. Just press the Left Mouse click for moving the camera view.  This will let you rotate the camera and remember if it is not pointed in the right direction you will fail to capture the video of the ghost.

Try to find the best possible to cover the maximum area. This will reduce your time and help you to capture the ghost as it moves in a direction.

How to turn on the Camera?

Before you leave you will have to turn on the camera. You can do this by right-clicking on the PC.  You cannot turn on the camera before placing it. So put the camera properly and then right-click to turn it on. F is to play the camera and on the console, the same controls are LT and L2.

Return to your van to verify the recording. You will see the video of the camera on the computer in the van. This is where you will have to sit down and check all the cameras placed by use. Press the mouse click to switch between different cameras. The camera also has a night vision feature. A feature that will give you a clear picture in complete darkness.

Keep a close watch on all the videos and note down in the journal. This will take some time but you will be able to spot a ghost soon that you can report to your team. It is scary because you might get jumpscare if a ghost pop-up in the front.

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