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How To Level Up In Phasmophobia

Find out how to level up your character in Phasmophobia with these tips.

In Phasmophobia there are different difficulty levels and by leveling up you can unlock higher difficulties. Higher difficulties mean that the ghosts will be less forgiving and your advantages will be lowered too. If you want to know how to level up in Phasmophobia, this guide will give you all the details.

Phasmophobia: How to Level Up


The three difficulty levels are Amateur, Intermediate and Professional. Their names are pretty self-explanatory and should give you an idea of your character’s level in terms of your ghost hunting experience. Think of it as easy, medium and hard.

The Amateur level unlocks at the very beginning. The Intermediate and Professional levels unlock at Levels 5 and 15 respectively.

How to increase difficulty level?



To become a ghost hunter of a higher level, you have to do your tasks and complete missions in the haunted locations. Even better if you survive the whole ordeal.

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In terms of advantages and disadvantages, you can set up the equipment for 5 minutes (Amateur), 2 minutes (Intermediate) and 0 minutes (Professional). This means that during the setup phase, you don’t get any time before the spirit starts hunting you if you are a Professional. The ghost will look for you while you are busy gathering evidence and trying to be safe at the same time. The aggressiveness of the ghost also gets a boost as things get tougher. Spooky.

If you get caught in the clutches of your own fear and the ghost, your sanity levels will drop. It will happen even faster in Professional difficulty so be prepared. Even in terms of insurance money, you will get lower or no insurance at all in the higher difficulty as compared to Amateur level.

Apart from this, the possibility of paranormal activities occurring will be higher and hunting mode duration will be longer in higher difficulties. But players will also earn 2x and 3x bonus in Intermediate and Professional difficulty respectively.


Note that this game is still in early access. This means that there may be a slight chance of having more difficulty levels in the final version. Let’s see what happens in the launched game.

In conclusion, to level up in Phasmophobia, you have to keep getting better and trying to survive until the end. Collect evidence, identify the ghost and gain experience to level up. Our Phasmophobia guides will help you through it!

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