Phasmophobia Money Guide: How To Get Insurance & Infinite Money

In this Phasmophobia money guide, we explain the ways to make money, get insurance money and an infinite money cheat you can use.

In Phasmophobia, you play as a ghost investigator trying to discover clues, talk to ghosts and identify the ghost type haunting the location. Those who have loved movies or series on this topic will totally enjoy this game with friends. Detecting paranormal activity while trying to stay protected yourself using tools like crucifix, smudge sticks and more is a total blast. Just like in real life, you need money to purchase items and equipment for your ghost hunting. So, how to get money in Phasmophobia? What is insurance and can you get even more money (infinite money cheat)? Learn all about it right here.

How do you Get Money in Phasmophobia?

Since you are a ghost investigator, you will get money for collecting evidence, completing the objectives and also via insurance. You need money to purchase items like the Crucifix, Thermometer, Smudge Sticks and more. The better your equipment, the more accurate your readings will be.

phasmophobia-infinite-money-hack-glitch-cheat-trainerWhat happens to your items when the investigation ends?

The result is dependent on how things end. If you die on Amateur, you will get a refund of 50% value of the items through Insurance. You receive 25% value on Intermediate and nothing if you are on Professional.

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This was all about the death outcome, but if you don’t die, you get to keep the things you brought along. In case you leave them in the house, you will get them back in the lobby.

Lastly, if you get disconnected from the game, you will not get any refunds or anything else.

To make money, you need your photo camera. When you take a photo of evidence, it will get added to your journal. Do remember that only those under categories of fingerprints/footprints and ghost will fetch you money.

Infinite Money Cheat

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