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Phasmophobia Cheat Codes Guide – How to Enable Cheats via Trainer

You can use a cheat code to hack Phasmophobia and activate a variety of options like XP boost, or Increase Game Speed.

Phasmophobia can be slow sometimes, the objective of this game is to catch a glimpse of a ghost so that you can report your team. 4 players group together on a paranormal journey to solve mysteries. If you are getting bored in between then why not spice up things with Phasmophobia cheats. In this article, I will guide you on how to use cheat codes in Phasmophobia. How to use a trainer that can enable various options like XP boost or increase game speed and a lot more. Before we begin with all cheat codes and trainers remember some of these can have system issues. Phasmophobia is an online multiplayer game where 4-players from different regions are on the same page.


Till yet we had not seen any kind of banning issue, because the cheat codes do not let you win the game with a click. Phasmophobia Cheat or trainers just unlock some additional features like time control, unlock items and equipment, etc.

Phasmophobia Cheat Codes & Trainers Download

Starting with a cheat code or in a simple world Phasmophobia Trainer you can edit the XP and money you have in the game. The trainer works for most of the users, but in case it is not working then avoid using it. On the game menu on the right, you can see the list of Daily Challenges and on the left, you can see Stats. This includes Level, EXP & Money. If you are having unlimited money then you can buy all the equipment at once.

All limitations imposed on earning money is removed instantly. Items like EMF Reader, Flashlight, Photo Camera, Lighter, Candle, etc. can be purchased from the Equipment Store. EMF Reader is the costliest item in the game that costs $45 and then comes the Camera that costs $40.


Search for Phasmophobia  Trainer by Asphodel on Youtube. You will get a video where the Youtuber has shown the trainer and how it works. By activating this you can get unlimited money in the game. You can use that to buy various items.

Phasmophobia Infinite Money Glitch:

The game has various glitches you can use for your benefit. Like the Flashlight Glitch, where just by pressing T you can turn on a torch even if you are not having one. Users who are playing this game in VR will not be able to use this glitch. It works for PC players.


If you do not want to use trainers to unlock unlimited money or XP then you can do the same via editing Windows Registry files. Follow the below steps.

  1. Press Windows + R and type regedit in the box.
  2. Click on OK and the navigate to the following location. If you do not wan to face any issue then click on File > Export and create a backup of current registry files.
  3. Go o the following location – Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinetic Games\Phasmophobia.
  4. Press CTRL + F and search for PlayersMoney_h.
  5. By modifying the Decimal value you can adjust the amount of XP and money in Phasmophobia.

How to play Phasmophobia with 8 players?

If you are looking for a Phasmophobia hack to remove the player cap of 4 then right-now there are no working mods. But there is a way to add unlimited players in a private room. Until the developers remove this by releasing patch you can enjoy playing more than 4 players. Here is what you have to do.

  • Go to Phasmophobia\Phasmophobia_Data\Managed
  • Look for Assembly-CSharp.dll. Copy this file and save it somewhere we are going to edit this file
  • Open dnSpy and load Assembly-CSharp.dll in the tool.
  • Apply the following assembly changes.

LobbyManager::CreateServer, roomOptions, MaxPlayers = 8,

LobbyManager::JoinServer, info.PlayerCount, info.PlayerCount >= info.MaxPlayers

ServerListItem::SetUI, serverPopulation.text, this.serverPopulation.text = population + “/” + info.MaxPlayers;

That’s it exit dnSpy and then load the game. Create a user and you can now add up to 8 players in Phasmophobia. Source of Cheat: UnknownCheats.

We will be updating this article with more Phasmophobia cheat codes and working trainers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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