A Town Uncovered Cheat Code 2024

Looking for the latest cheats for A Town Uncovered? This list has you covered!

Visual novels are quite popular and many people are looking for the latest A Town Uncovered cheat code. This is an 18+ adventure game that has dating sim features developed by GeeSeki. But since you are here you must already be aware of the plot and what is going on in the town. So here are all the cheats including the ones for previous game versions and the steps to use it.

A Town Uncovered Cheat Code

How To Use A Town Uncovered Cheats
Image Credits: GeeSeki. Enter the cheat code to get the option to change your character skills.

The game’s current version is Alpha 0.50a, however, its current known cheat is for its version 0.48 which is wasabibadd. For now, you can try using this cheat until a new one is released.

How to Use A Town Uncovered Cheats

You can use the Cheat Code app from your in-game computer for it.

  1. Go to your room and access your PC.
  2. Open the Cheat Code app.
  3. A pop-up window will show up where you can “Enter The Code”.
  4. Use the above cheat.
  5. Here, enable Toggle Cheats in the next screen.

Now, you can use your phone to edit your Skills like Intelligence, Charisma, Strength, Stamina, and Luck.

Previous Cheat Codes

  • Alpha 0.48: wasabibadd
  • Alpha 0.47: hungryeyes
  • Alpha 0.46: hadesverse
  • Alpha 0.45: cheeseandmac
  • Alpha 0.44: spearshake
  • Alpha 0.43b: speedskate
  • Alpha 0.42b: breadsd#cks (Use i instead of # when entering)
  • Alpha 0.41b: shovelshow
  • Alpha 0.40a: weirditems
  • Alpha 0.39a: sourjournal
  • Alpha 0.38b: diditmove
  • Alpha 0.36a: hellsfired
  • Alpha 0.34a: stickmentos
  • Alpha 0.32b: barelybear
  • Alpha 0.31a: carrymaria
  • Alpha 0.30a: pumpkinsplice
  • Alpha 0.29a: smokeyribage
  • Alpha 0.28a: earthonlife
  • Alpha 0.27a: sanicrans
  • Alpha 0.26a: walkingsim
  • Alpha 0.25a: serialclown
  • Alpha 0.24c: cantmimicit
  • Alpha 0.23c: juniorpest
  • Alpha 0.22b: mozziefly
  • Alpha 0.22a: juniorpest
  • Alpha 0.21a: gunslinger
  • Alpha 0.20b: wordedpipe
  • Alpha 0.18c: staticfour

That is all for the latest A Town Uncovered Cheat code. If you are interested in more such cheats for other games then be sure to check out our Console Commands section!