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What Is Freezing Temperature In Phasmophobia | How To Use Thermometer

Use thermometer to collect freezing temperature evidence in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is all about collecting pieces of evidence and discovering the ghost type that you need to deal with. The freezing temperature is one such evidence that helps to determine ghost type. However, many players are not sure what freezing temperatures mean in Phasmophobia or how to use a thermometer to check the temperature. This guide will clear out all the doubts that you whatsoever have about using thermometer and temperature in the game.


Phasmophobia: How to Find Freezing Temperature?

The low temperature starts paranormal activities around us in Phasmophobia. By collecting evidence of this low temperature you can not only detect ghost type but also complete one of the many to-do objectives that you will encounter several times in Phasmophobia.

It is easy to find the temperature in Phasmophobia. Similar to real life, your character’s breath will start to show up in the low-temperature area. This is a clear indication to use your thermometer and find out the temperature. Usually, the areas where a ghost is present or was present shortly before are at low ambient temperature. These are the spots to easily collect the freezing temperature evidence in Phasmophobia.

how to use thermometer in phasmophobia

Phasmophobia: How to Use Thermometer?

A thermometer is a purchasable item in the game. By default, the reading of the thermometer in the game is Celcius. It casts a 6 meters long ray from where you are standing to find out the temperature of the entire room or specific location in it with an error range of 2.


Using a thermometer in Phasmophobia is very easy. All you need to do is head to the inventory and select a thermometer. This will pull out it and the temperature will be auto-read.

Phasmophobia: What Temperature is Freezing?

In Phasmophobia temperature below 0-degree Celcius/centigrade is considered a freezing temperature. When you pull out and use your thermometer and the readings are below 0 Celcius, remove and write on your journal that the Phasmophobia freezing temperature is collected.

Freezing temperature evidence minimizes the possibility of ghost types. For instance, only Banshee, Demon, Mare, Phantom, Wraith, and Yurei ghost types show this sign. For more details on ghost type, you can read our Phasmophobia ghost type guide.

Once you have collected the Freezing temperature evidence in Phasmophobia, you can plant some other setups to collect more evidence and determine the ghost type. For instance, you can set up a camera or use an EMF reader. This will help confirm the exact ghost type you are dealing with.


That’s all we have for now to say about Phasmophobia freezing temperature evidence and how to use a thermometer to detect temperature. I hope this would have cleared all your doubts.

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