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How To Fix Voice Chats And Microphone Issues In Phasmophobia

Voice Recognition and Microphone issues in Phasmophobia can ruin the fun of the game. Check how to quickly fix these issues in Phasmophobia

Voice chats and microphones in Phasmophobia are essential as you will need to communicate with your team and solve the mysteries of the game, any issue faced here will often make the game less enjoyable but luckily we’ve got a fix, and if you want to know how to mix voice chat and microphone in Phasmophobia, check out until the end of this guide.


How To Fix Voice Chats And Microphone Issues In Phasmophobia

The entire gameplay of Phasmophobia relies a lot on voice chats and communication as it is key to your progression in the game, you may run into some problems every now and then but any problem in communicating with your friends can cause a lot of problems.

There’s a quick fix to this problem in Phasmophobia though, follow these steps and you will have voice commands back up and running in Phasmophobia.

fix voice issues phasmophobia

Check the in-game voice test to make sure that your microphone is working problem, your hardware needs to be in working condition for you to convey messages to your teammates in the game.

You can test your mic by going to the in-game menu and then clicking on Audio. To test the mic, you will have to speak into the microphone and if you pass it you can move on to check if the default mic is selected or not.


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How To Fix Microphone Not Working In Phasmophobia

You can open up the Sound Settings in Windows and check what microphone is enabled, if your mic isn’t selected, click on it from the drop-down menu and then use it.

If that does not still work, open up your Steam library and then Rick-Click on Phasmophobia and go to properties. Here you will see the Betas tab, select the Beta- Unstable build, and close the steam app.

This will make Steam download the beta version of Phasmophobia which has a voice fix to make sure that in-game communications work properly. This should fix the voice chats and microphone issues in Phasmophobia.


This is all there is to know about how to fix voice chats and microphones in Phasmophobia, while you’re here make sure to check out where to find the Ouija Board so that you can get answers pretty soon in the game.

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