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How To Find Ouija Board Locations In Phasmophobia

Looking for the Ouija Board locations in Phasmophobia? Where to find the Ouija Board to talk to ghosts & identify their type? Read here.

The Ouija Board is a important piece of equipment that you can use to talk to ghosts. You can communicate with paranormal entities by asking them questions. Some amount of Sanity will be reduced when the Ghost acknowledges the question you’ve asked (Except for Demons). So, where to find the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia? Is there a specific location like a closet or basement where you can find it?

Phasmophobia Ouija Board Locations: Where To Find



Unfortunately, the Ouija Board location in Phasmophobia is random. There is a 33% chance of this item spawning in a level so it could be long before you find it in one. If you are lucky, you may find it very quickly too. Mostly they have been found in storage places like cupboards or even bathrooms. They are well hidden so make sure you look for them carefully while also trying to be fearless.

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Since this item is obtained inside the maps, you will not be able to grab it from your truck where you can pick up other equipment. When you ask it a question, you will get one step closer to identifying the ghost type. We have an article on how to use the Ouija Board which goes into this in detail. You can ask questions revolving around the victim, age, location, room and death.

As you may already know, you have to use your real voice to talk to ghosts and other players, so ensure that you have set up your mic properly. Also remember to not anger the ghost because that will only lead to your downfall.

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