How To Play And Win In Phasmophobia Easily

To play and win in Phasmophobia you will have to solve clues and puzzles along with gathering items and finding ghosts.

Phasmophobia is all about ghost hunting, if you want to win in Phasmophobia, you will have to find and solve all clues and find ghosts in the location where you and your teammates have been called upon. If you want to know how to play and win in Phasmophobia, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Play Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is only available on PC, so all of you console warriors are out of luck as the developer Kinetic Games has brought this horror adventure game only for PC as of now.

To play Phasmophobia, the best thing that you can do is gather friends and jump into the game together as with communications and spooks in the game. Phasmophobia is interesting and different from other horror games that give off a vibe of being a ghostbuster.

how to play and win in Phasmophobia

There are a ton of things that you have to do in the game, you will not only have to talk to ghosts, but also solve clues, puzzles, find items like the Ouija Board, check out ghost rooms, and much more.

Sanity is an element that must be kept in check in Phasmophobia, you will need to maintain it and you can check how to right here.

There are tons of things that you can do, like getting insurance to keep you safe and find ghosts.

Attention to detail is of prime importance in the game and you will need to find resources that will help you get better at finding a ghost, the game will even ask you to get dirty water in the game. Make sure to note everything down in your journal so that you do not miss out on any clue and can solve puzzles immediately.

How To Win In Phasmophobia

You will need to catch the ghosts haunting the location and solve all the puzzles around it to get the mystery solves. So make sure that you get your detective hats on and jump right in.

To catch ghosts, you can use the camera, the infrared sensor in the camera is one of the best ways to catch a ghost, other than this to keep you safe you can even use a Crucifix and light smudge sticks as well.

If things get really messy you can even leave the area and bolt out of there until the thing cools down a bit. Just make sure that you get into the immersive activities of Phasmophobia.

There’s a ton to explore and see in Phasmophobia and is currently climbing up the charts to becoming one of the best horror games in recent years.

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