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Phasmophobia Photo Rewards Guide: How To Get Them All

Here's how to get every photo reward in Phasmophobia.

Making money is important as a Ghost investigator and there is an opportunity to make more cash in Phasmophobia. You can take pictures of paranormal activity which will earn you $5, $ 10 or even more. In this guide, you will know how to get all photo rewards in Phasmophobia so that you can have even more money for your future missions.

Phasmophobia All Photo Rewards – How To Get


How To Get All Photo Rewards In Phasmophobia

To get these photo rewards in Phasmophobia, you need to carry a point and shoot digital camera with you (of course). Don’t confuse it with the video camera because that one serves a different purpose. You can carry a max of 3 photo cameras with you and each camera has 5 uses. A camera will cost you $40. Now, here’s every photo reward in Phasmophobia.


To help you with these objectives, we have created some separate guides (linked above). Be sure to check them to know the process in detail.

Phasmophobia All Photo Rewards

When you take a picture of the aforementioned things, you will see that they will be added to your journal with a label on it. If you have taken a photo of something else and it is unlabeled, that means that it didn’t count towards anything. Sometimes, though, you could have taken a photo of something from the above list and it might still end up unlabeled. In that case, take the picture again.


Now, if you survive till the end, each labeled photo will earn you $10. If you die, then you get $5. So, try your best to whip out your camera whenever you have an opportunity to take an important photo. For more such tips and tricks, check out our Phasmophobia Wiki on Gamer Tweak.